Sequal to hit film The Hangover is confirmed

09 Apr 2010

It has been confirmed that there is to be a sequal to the hit comedy of 2009, The Hangover.

Actors Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis have all agreed to take part in the ‘Hangover 2’, which will follow up on the wildest stag party known to man, in which there was a tiger, a baby and Mike Tyson in 90 minutes of laugh out loud cinema.

Director Todd Phillips is keeping quiet on where the sequel will take the guys, but there are rumours that they’ll be heading on a big adventure in Thailand, so the mind can only imagine what they will get up to this time.

After earning $1m each for the first film, each actor will now earn five times that figure for doing the sequal, although given the original made a reported $467 million worldwide it is not much of a surprise.


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