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Heavy snow almost ruins Wedding Day

A white wedding is usually when couples dream of when they have their big day in the winter, but today's heavy snowfall almost spelled disaster for a bride and groom in Kent.

The problems started when the groom, Jonathon Lee, could not get home from his stag do until 3am due to public transport problems.

However, he and his partner, Karen Rawlins, feared they would have to postpone their ceremony in the tiny village of Dode, near Meopham, on Friday afternoon, as the heavy snow meant guests could not reach the remote destination.

Up to eight inches of snow fell overnight, but after a plea on local radio, kind hearted local 4x4 drivers offered their servinces and ensured the couple and their guests could get to the church in time.

The Groom said: "We've been overwhelmed by how people have come to our aid. It's been amazing and means so much to us.

"The snow also caused problems for us last night. I didn't get back from my stag do until 3am because I had to walk seven miles to where I was staying in Cobham as there were no taxis."

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