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Sophia's Adventures in Budapest - Traditional Hungarian Dinner, Spa Party and Beer Bike

Sophia's Adventures in Budapest - Traditional Hungarian Dinner, Spa Party and Beer Bike

No visit to the Hungarian capital is complete without having a meal in one of the numerous Hungarian restaurants in Budapest. It's one of those things that whilst you're here in Hungary, you'll really have to experience! You’ll be taken to a traditional Hungarian restaurant that serves top-drawer man food for real men.

I know you're thinking it's probably quite hard to get a table reservation for a group of guys, especially when you don't speak Hungarian! But honestly, that's nothing to worry about, because The Stag Company will do all the leg work for you and only include those places that have the right combination of quality food, friendly and attentive service as well as a great atmosphere - most restaurants offer traditional local dishes and have live gypsy music playing in the evenings for a real traditional dining experience.

Hungarian food is perfect for ravenous stags with plenty of meaty dishes and hearty stews, so get ready to become a Hungarian Foodie! If you want to crank up the excitement for the lads, a whole variety of girls in different shapes and sizes can be included after you’ve sampled the best food and drink Hungary has to offer. What more could you want?

Now you and the lad’s have loaded yourselves with energy for the rest of the evening, you'll need an activity that's a combination of two of everyone’s favourite things - a health spa and a party! The idea was created by some Hungarian genius who decided to bring together the health properties of the natural thermal baths with an epic night of DJ’s, lasers, stunning visuals and bikini-clad partygoers to create a massive rave in a spa, (AKA Sparty) which you can join in with almost any Saturday!

You'll be able to soothe your aching limbs at Budapest’s stunning ancient thermal baths and take a cleansing dip in the huge water pools before raving to house and electro music! The water is warm and creates a cloud of rising steam above everyone’s heads, which brings together an atmosphere like never before. All you’ll need is a pair of flip flops, trunks and a towel! You can even buy beers and cocktails on your very own special waterproof party card on the day!

If you and the lads see yourselves as explorers, but love to party, why not set yourselves up on an experience where sightseeing, beer, shots, fun and music are all rolled in to one? The Beer Bike Budapest tour departs from the city centre and takes you on a tour of Budapest where you’ll not only see some of the famous attractions, but you’ll also be served fresh drinks to quench your thirst whilst you’ll peddling away! Your guide will be serving your drinks and you’ll even get a chance to party to your own music!

So why not pedal past some of the most famous sights of Budapest and experience a fantastic atmosphere? It's guaranteed that you’ll make all the people of the streets envious. I would definitely recommend Budapest for a full on stag party experience that you'll never forget!


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