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Spotlight on Prague Stag Weekends

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and one of its nicknames is the ‘Mother of Cities’, but we believe it should be known as the ‘Mother of all Stag Weekends’.

Much of Prague’s historic city has been declared a World Heritage site and it is therefore very popular with tourists and Prague is arguably seen as the most approachable city from the former Eastern Europe block.

This makes it very popular with stag groups, who fancy the idea of a stag weekend package with a large slice of Eastern European culture, but have seen Hostel and are more than intimidated by the idea of being tortured in a Slovakian dungeon. Slovakia is however one of the counties that surround the Czech Republic, along with Germany, Poland and Austria.

Prague is certainly equipped to deal with a mass of foreign tourists, so getting from the airport to your hotel, finding a bar, getting served and ordering of a menu is a very easy experience, as is communicating which gorgeous Czech girl you’d like to strip naked in front of you.

The racy elements of Prague’s nightlife is certainly one factor that lures the stags over in large numbers from England, as is the well priced beer, if you look in the right places. The currency is the Czech Koruna, although the country is set to soon adopt the Euro, so for now bargains are there to be had for British visitors.

Prague is a fantastic city for a European stag weekend whether you want to enjoy the beauty and culture of this historic destination, or get blindly drunk and enjoy the company of stunning ladies. This city offers something for everyone.

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