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Stag Dare Of The Week: Get A Photo With A Celebrity!

Stag Dare Of The Week: Get A Photo With A Celebrity!

The term 'celebrity' is one that can be applied to pretty much anybody nowadays. Get yourself on TV for fifteen minutes and instantly you'll be gracing the covers of Hello, OK! and the like. Ordinary folks like us can appear on The X-Factor, Big Brother or Britain's Got Talent and suddenly everybody wants your autograph or picture, just look at Frankie Cocozza! OK, so we've never appeared on any of these shows and nor will be ever do so (too much time spent in the pub and not enough practising our vocal talents), but you get the idea. Speaking of Mr. Cocozza, he could feature quite prominently in this week's stag dare, especially if you are headed to the South coast for a Brighton stag weekend, the city being home to the loose cannon Z-lister. All we ask is that you find a celebrity, no matter how minor, and get your photo taken with them. We were sent the photo of Joey Essex and stag partying friend a couple of weeks ago and this is the exact kind of thing we are looking for. There'll be extra kudos for the scale of celebrity. So a photo with Jordan is definitely going to get you on our Facebook page. The nature of the photo could also play a part as well. For example, a photo of you doing shots with a footballer will not only make it onto our internet portals but most likely find its way into a newspaper or magazine of some description. In other words, if you can create a media scandal with your snaps then all the better! We'll be publishing the results next week, so best of luck to you all heading off on a stag do this weekend. If you are staying in the UK, we hope the weather holds up! Keep your peepers on our Facebook page for more genius stag do ideas over the coming weeks; believe us, there's some big news coming!


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