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Stag Dare Of The Week: Best Stag Theme

Stag Dare Of The Week: Best Stag Theme

Greetings stag fans! Hope you've all had a fantastic week and if not, we hope your weekend is better. After all today is that magical day... that's right lads it's - Friday! Hurray! Which means that it's time for another Stag Dare Of The Week. Now when it came to thinking of a stag dare, we wanted to think of something football related seeing as the Euro 2012 is on at the moment. However the chances you bumping into a pro footballer (let alone a famous one) during your stag do or lad’s weekend seemed rather slim (although if any of you have then send us pictures! We want to see who you met!) So instead we've decided to go for... Stag Dare Of The Week - Best Stag Theme Admittedly this isn’t a ground breaking new concept but it’s a classic and we always love getting pictures of stag groups that have really gone to town with their group dress. Now this can be anything you want, funny stag t-shirts, rude stag party costumes or anything you else can think of. We want them all, in fact the funnier the photo the better! We did think about asking all you lads on a stag to send us pictures of yourself holding plates (or throwing plates) of lobster thermidor to parody the mental and chaotic wedding of Danny Gunthrie (Ex professional Newcastle footballer) but we thought better of it (plus we think lobster is too expensive to fling around like confetti…) Anyway that’s the dare for this week lads! So between watching the footie and cheering for our boys in the Euro 2012, make sure you take the time out to do our dare. Then send us your photos for a chance to be made famous on our blog and on our social media pages. Good luck and may the best stags win!


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