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Stag Do Dare Of The Week: Get Those Digits!

Stag Do Dare Of The Week: Get Those Digits!

It's Friday and the sun is shining in a blue, cloudless sky. That can only mean one thing: that loads of you will be heading off on stag dos and you'll be wanting some summer-themed dares to get stuck into. OK so that's two things, but we never did care much for maths here at Stag Company Towers! So, being summer, we thought we'd take a classic dare and give it an alfresco twist. This week's stag dare is, drum roll.................for every member of your group to get as many girls' telephone numbers as possible. The catch is, you have to be outdoors when you do it. The person (or people) with the fewest numbers has to buy everybody else in the group shots for the whole night. Summer stag weekends are all about afternoons spent drinking in the sun and we all know that good weather brings out the skimpy shorts and bikinis on the ladies. You should therefore have no shortage of targets to get those digits from but the question is, can you convert those leads into sales? And then there's the question of tactics. Do you come clean and tell the girls it's for a dare in the hope that they'll be more inclined to give you their number, or do you turn on the charm? Will you hit the beach in your attempt to make up the numbers or will you bide your time until later on in the evening and perhaps set a target of getting a number per beer garden? This dare will work particularly well in places such as Marbella, Magaluf and Ibiza. In other words, anywhere with hot weather, lots of beach and lots of girls. Brighton, Blackpool or Bournemouth in the summer is also a safe bet. A few of us here in the office are heading off on a Cardiff stag do this weekend, so we shall let you know if we have good results in the Welsh capital!


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