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Stag do disrupted by monkey with a sweet tooth

Monkeying around on a stag do is common, but for two Brits on a stag do in Gibraltar it was an actually primate that was guilty of cheeky behaviour.

After a few beers the duo went to sleep in their hotel on the rock, but were awoken by noise in their room and were stunned to find a monkey sitting on their table eating a biscuit.

"There was lots of banging about in our room," Leigh Hayes explained to the Gibraltar Chronicle.

"We'd had a few beers so it took us a while to wake up but to our amazement, there was a monkey sitting on the table eating a biscuit."

The monkey returned later during the weekend, presumably as it liked the biscuits, but stunned the lads as it also managed to unwrap a lolly.

If you have a stranger stag weekend story than this, we would love to hear from you.