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Stag Do Forfeits

09 Aug 2023

Stag Do Forfeits

Categories: Things To Try

You've already written down and listed your stag do dares for the weekend, now you need a list of forfeits and punishments for anyone that fails to complete a task. How extreme you take these forfeits is completely down to your group and how far you think everyone will take them, however we have drawn up a list of our favourites.

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1) Dancing Monkey

Whether it is for half an hour or for the entire evening, the guy who fails to complete a task is now the official dancing monkey, strutting his stuff any time someone demands it. I'd recommend keeping it to a set time period, such as 30-60 minutes, otherwise they won't complete it if they think they have to do it all night. I would also recommend deciding on a dancemove beforehand, so they don't tap out by doing an almost invisible danceset.

Don't hesitate to desegnate more than one person through the night with this task, so eventually you have a whole host of people doing this dance!

dancing guy

2) Chilli Burns

Whether you get whole chillis or in a paste, you can all chuckle as they force them down. This is also a great one to get someone drunk, as once their mouth is burning and they're begging for water, you can provide them with the only drink allowed, a pint of beer. Whether you keep this challenge to eating or whether you try something a bit more harsh and place them somewhere else is completely up to you.

You could also have the chillies get progressively hotter as the night goes on, but we recommend a bit of caution, you don't want peolpe tapping out or moaning about their night being ruined.

Chilli Burn

3) Fancy Dress

You need to buy something beforehand and show it off to the group, so they know just how harsh the punishment will be. I'm thinking a maids outfit, a nurses costume or a tutu. If you're short on ideas, you can also check out our stag do fancy dress ideas.

It could also be a matching costume to go with the groom, who should be wearing something bizarre already. To save carrying something heavy around all night, you could always carry accessories rather than a full-blown outfit.

fancy dress

4) Fake Tan

This is probably one of the most cruel, so how can you say no! Bring along some fake tan on the night and decide on a body part to paint. Many people like to choose half the face, leaving them looking like a Batman villian. Just don't do this to the groom if he is just about to get married, that is one step too far.

But if you want to hear of the best prank of all time, we offer this as an actual activity, where you can get the groom a fake fan prank. Expect to see your mate turn to a beetroot, you won't even know how red his face is with anger as his whole body will be red/brown.

fake tan

5) The Onesie

Another fancy dress option, but you could put the perpetrator in a bunny onesie (or whatever you manage to find) for 15 minutes, while getting them to approach members of the public asking for a hug. Remember to take some photos.

The extent of onesies available seems to be growing with time, while the prices are all increasingly dropping, meaning you can pick up a comedy one for about £20. If you add it into everyones costs, this will mean people will be spending a little more than £1 for a hilarious prank forfeit. 

6) The Flirt

Get the failed member to approach a guy in the bar and use his best moves to hit on him. He can't hold back, we're thinking nipple rubbing and bouncy eye lids, make him work for his next pint.

Don't stop there, why not try hitting on an old granny while you're there, get them to flirt with absolutely everything and everyone. Hey, if the game is still going, you could have them flirt with the bouncer, but be careful, they can be a little fiesty.

guy flirt

7) The Fantasy

Decide between your group what fetish you want to go for, then get the individual to approach people in the bar and explain their fetish and what they would like to do to them. Hey, who knows, they might actually get some action! If you are going to use this challenge throughout the night, try thinking of a good few dark ones, everything from watersports and feet fetish to dressing up as a sexy squirrel and playing the trombone with their anus.


8) The Toilets

Have them walk into the mens toilets and 'offer a hand' to who ever is in there. You will need one person to go in there and accompany him, in order to prove he actually did it. If you get the whole group in, it will become to obvious its a stunt, just send the groom alongside him.


9) Passion For Hair

The man who has failed to complete the task, I'm going to call him Dave, has to approach a woman ask for a lock of her hair. He can make up any reason he can think of to get hold of a strand, as long as he succeeds.


10) The Sock Challenge

Get ready to chuck up in your mouth. You have to take off your sock and then pull it over your pint glass. You then have to go ahead and neck the entire pint through your sock. Get ready for it to spill everywhere, and for a slightly cheesy aftertaste!

dirty socks

11) International Gentleman's Rules

Many of you will know these. There are too many to list, but some include no pointing, no first names, no swearing and no saying the word 'drink'. Each time he fails at one of these, he has to have a shot.

drunk and passed out

12) Make-up

You need to ask a female to apply some make-up to the fella that fails the task. He also isn't allowed to rub it off for an entire hour. Someone's not getting lucky tonight!


13) Traffic Lights

Get a green, yellow and red shot. When someone fails a task, they have to drink a shot (or all three if you feel like upping the ante). Just make sure the green shot isn't an apple sours, otherwise it will always be an easy way out. Absinthe normally comes in a green colour...I'm just saying.

traffic light shots

14) Shaving Time

Bring along a shaver and explain to the group they will have part of their face or body shaved off if they don't complete a dare. Discuss beforehand how far you want to go. I would kill a man if he tried to take off my eye brows, while it can also damage peoples work life, so consider this beforehand. Sometimes somewhere more subtle, like their chest, can be just as funny. Or, go real extreme and buy some wax and re-enact the scene from 40 year old virgin.

shaving half the face

15) Civil Union

Whenever someone approaches the group and asks who is getting married, the person who has the forfeit must explain that it is him and it is a civil partnership. Even better, if two people have failed, convince others it is them two getting married.

guys drinking

16) Tied Up

If you have some gaffa tape to hand, you can punish someone pretty much anywhere. This one comes with a few cautions. There are a few horror stories of this happening abroad, while you should also avoid covering the mouth or nose. On the other hand, in your local pub it could be hysterical.

tied up

17) On All Fours

For the next 20 minutes, they have to crawl around on all fours. If everyone sits down (such as in a bar), then they have to sit on the ground like a dog. You could even request a dog bowl from the pub staff and pour a pint in, that will get some extra giggles.

on all fours

18) Moon Walk

Whether a moon walk or something a bit more simple, they have to spend the next thirty minutes walking everywhere backwards, whether to the toilet, while paintballing or onto the dancefloor.


19) Left Hand Drinking

For the rest of the night they have to drink from their left hand. Any time they fail, they have to have a shot or three fingers of their pint. Remember to check beforehand what hand they use naturally and to switch it to right hand drinking if necessary.

left hand drinking

20) Shoe Laces

They have to walk around with their shoe laces tied together for 30 minutes. Hopping is allowed, while you might need to keep an eye on their feet to make sure they don't become untied. Go out of your way to make them walk around a lot, such as getting the drink order in and fetching the food. Paintballing with feet tied together sounds hysterical!

tied shoes

21) Karaoke

There are two ways you can go about this, the short or the long version. The short one, they stand up in a busy area and start singing a song, as you video him in hysterics. The longer version, for the next 30-60 minutes, anything they want to say they have to sing it, no more talking!

22) Charity Shop

The group have to go to a charity shop and buy items for the punished to wear. If they have a tutu then this is always a winner, or you can try some tight fitting pyjamas. Make sure not to skip the accessories, a bowler hat and some whaky gloves will work well.

23) Alphabet

How good is their knowledge of the A-Z? Well now you will need them to say the alphabet backwards. Have some mini forfeits ready, such as having a shot for each wrong letter. Speed is of essence, make them have a shot if they hesitate for too long at any point, then they have to start from scratch again!

24) Animal Impersonation

A chicken, cow or an ostrich, the animal is your choice, but they have to spend the next X amount of minutes walking around the room or in public acting like the animal. They can have bonus respect points if they involve others, especially strangers. Just make sure they don't ask to be milked!

25) Seductive Banana

We all know what a banana looks like, well it's time for the forfeitee to eat a banana in front of people in a seductive manner. Make oral love to that yellow piece of fruit, tell him to look people right in the eye as he deepthroats his five a day.

26) Spinny Times

Get yourself a broom, place their forehead on the top of the broom and then spin around the broom 20 times. If you don't have a broom, they can just spin on the spot twenty times. They then have to do a sprint to a set finish line. Make sure to do this one away from roads or anything dangerous or fragile. Get a pint ready for the moment they pass the 'finish line'. 

Can you think of any more challenges? Include yours in the comments below! Also, don't forget to book your stag do accommodation with us before heading away.


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Tom Bourlet

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