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Escape the storms with a stag do in the sun

After a weekend of miserable weather in the United Kingdom that saw 100mph wind, driving rain and chilli temperatures we can all be forgiven for lusting over a holiday in the sun.

Give yourself and your mates the perfect excuse to escape to warmer climes with a stag weekend this winter and leave the umbrellas, gloves and cough sweets at home. Read on for some of the best of Southern European stag party destinations.


Fancy blazing sunshine with temperatures up to 25 degrees? We thought so! Is the thought of enjoying a beer by the pool surrounded by bikini-clad babes appealing? Of course! Well, what are you waiting for, get yourself off to the Spanish city of Malaga.

Malaga is the second largest city in Andalusia and is positioned at the Mecca for British tourists – the Costa Del Sol. It is easily reached by air and is an ideal weekend getaway with its mix of sunshine relaxation and wild nightlife. There is plenty of water sports available with its position on the Mediterranean Sea, while the exclusion town of Marbella is nearby and is a favourite for celebs and gorgeous women.


The capital of Catalonia and second biggest city in Spain is a bustling city full of entertainment, culture and beautiful people. A stag weekend in Barcelona is an ideal destination for groups seeking wild parties, or a relaxed celebration in a historic city that promises to be a little warmer than England.

Enjoy a tour of the world famous Nou Camp, have a feast of authentic tapas and forget the wet and windy conditions on England with a few rounds of San Miguel.


For a good old-fashioned lads holiday head to the party town of Benidorm – providing the comedy portrayal of the Spanish rest on ITV has not put you off. This destination is unashamedly focused on a nightlife of restaurants, bars and clubs catering mainly to the Brits that travel in numbers each year. It ticks all the boxes and provides the chance to enjoy some winter warmth for a weekend.