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Stag Do Life Hacks

27 Nov 2013

Stag Do Life Hacks

Categories: Things To Try

If you're organising a send off for a mate you can spend a lot of times thinking up ideas for the stag do, but no matter how good the weekend is there can be some things that might just put a dampener on the proceedings. Save time, cut corners and generally be more awesome on your stag do with these life hacks. Anything is possible!

Chill beers in a flash

Just got back to your apartment with a case of warm bottles of beer? Wrap a wet paper towel around a bottle and pop it in the freezer. Give it about 15-20 minutes and the bottle will be almost completely ice cold. Very nICE. Of course if you don’t have a freezer where you’re staying you can’t do this, in which case I’d suggest the classic of buying a couple of bags of ice, filling up the bathroom sink and then getting the beers in there.

Get the tunes pumping

There is nothing better than getting ready for a night out to a soundtrack of your favourites tunes. This can be harder when you’re in a hotel, if you can’t get a music channel on the TV and you don’t have any speakers then you might have to get ready to the sounds of the evening news. Or maybe not, just pop your phone in a mug or glass and it’ll amplify the sound enough to get everyone in the mood.

Forgot your adaptor plug? Check the back of the telly

If you’re having a stag weekend abroad and you’ve forgotten a travel plug adaptor then check the back of the TV in your hotel room. Most new TV sets have a USB input now, so you might be able to plug straight into that and give your phone some juice. If your TV doesn’t have a USB port then ask at reception before you go and buy an adaptor, so many people leave them in hotel rooms that they’ll probably have you can borrow.

Sort your shirts and belts

Packing collared shirts and belts? Coil your belt up and then put it in the collar of your shirt. It’ll keep the collar neat and your belt won’t unravel all over the gaff. This is a ‘two birds, one stone’ kinda deal but don’t worry if you’re not happy with the collar situation once you’ve unpacked; this next hack is for you…


So you’ve done the classic ‘hanging your shirt in the bathroom while you shower’ trick to get rid of all those creases, but your collar just doesn’t look right. As a lad you’re probably not a big fan of ironing, so just find a pair of hair straighteners and use them to flatten out your collar. You might need to be cheeky and go door to door in the hotel to do this. Not that we condone such behaviour.

Ironing Bored

Maybe you absolutely have to iron something, but who can be bothered with the hassle of getting an ironing board to do the ironing on, especially if you have to go allllll the way down to reception to get it? Not me, so if you find yourself with iron but without board just lay a towel out on the floor and use that. Just make absolutely sure that you don’t leave the iron on because I’m sure the outcome would be pretty horrific.

Sort Your Scuffed Shoes

It’s a sad sight when you’ve brought some smart shoes with you for the weekend but you forgot to give them a bit of a clean before, the rest of your outfit will feel let down by your shoes. Or maybe it won’t, grab a paper towel and try buffing any marks and scuffs out. If that doesn’t work then try getting a black marker pen (or a pen that matches the colour of your shoes if they’re not black, of course) and colouring in any bad marks. It’ll do the job for one night at least.

Become a T-shirt Folding Ninja

This is by far my favourite hack, and one that I’m still trying to master (mainly because I tried it once and then got a bit bored when I didn’t nail it first time) but it is pretty darn useful when you’ve got it down. Fold a shirt in two seconds by just pinching two areas and giving it a quick flick of the wrists. The guy in the video makes it look real easy. You have a look at this video and I’m going to go and practice this all weekend:

There we go, use all of these tricks and there is no reason why your stag do won’t be anything less than amazing!


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