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Stag Do Suggestions: Johnny Depp

Stag Do Suggestions: Johnny Depp

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Celebrity engagements are always big news, and although it hasn’t yet been confirmed a number of sources, such as US Weekly, seem to think that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have recently got engaged. However, rather than comment on the ‘are they, or are they not?’ speculation doing the rounds we thought we’d suggest what we think would be the ideal stag party for old Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

What will Johnny Depp do for his stag do?

Of course it would make sense to suggest that the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise do something pirate-themed on his stag do (or bachelor party, as he would probably call it) and that is exactly what we’re doing. Seriously though, we think The Pirates Reloaded VIP package in Magaluf would be perfect for the Deppster. The main draw here is the popular Pirates Reloaded show, which mixes together classic anthems and popular songs with an acrobatic show that’ll have everyone staring in amazement: The VIP tickets ensure that Johnny and the lads would be sat close to the action on the Captain’s Tables that are situated closer to the table. They’ll also get a VIP bar so they don’t need to walk so far to get the next round in. With go karting, a VIP club night, tickets to the Pirates Reloaded show, and even some booze and airport transfers included he’ll be getting a deal that ain’t half bad. YARRRRR. If Johnny has seen enough pirates to last him a long time then maybe he’ll want to return to Nevada for our Lash Vegas stag weekend? It’s guaranteed to not get anywhere near as intense as Raoul Duke’s experiences in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be an amazing weekend! Johnny’s stag group would be off on a VIP tour taking in some of the best clubs in Vegas, as well as experiencing a helicopter tour over the Vegas strip where they’ll be able to take in this spectacle of a city with a bird’s eye view. We’re not going to ignore Amber Heard either, because we think we’ve got a couple of great ideas on The Stag Company that Amber would probably be up for doing as part of her hen party. The Zombie Boot Camp experience in Birmingham strikes me as something Amber Heard would be more than happy to do, she’s been in a couple of horror films before so let’s send her off to do that (I know she hasn’t done a zombie film but zombies are scary and so are horror films in general). What better way to spend your hen party than running around an old building in the West Midlands trying not to soil yourself, or doing your best Bruce Campbell impression, depending on how many zombie films you’ve watched over the course of your life. Mind you, she also did that Drive Angry film with Nicholas Cage too, so maybe a weekend in Riga riding quad bikes would be suitable for Amber’s hen party too? With it taking place in Riga you know she’ll be in for a fantastic weekend, with the Four Play package also offering up a guided bar crawl of the city, along with casino entry and entry to a local lap dancing club too. Find out more about that here. Johnny and Amber, if you are reading we hope you like our suggestions for your stag and hen weekends, just give us a shout if you want to talk to us about our ideas in more detail. Anyone can create their own stag weekend package with our quote builder, enquire about your dream stag do today in just a few simple steps.