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Stag do Drinking Game Ideas

Alcohol usually plays a central role in stag parties, but it can (just about) get a little bit boring to drink constantly without any imaginative games and challenges to break up the thirst quenching.

It will usually be the best man’s intention to get the stag inebriated, as it makes it easier to carry out the jokes planned at his expense. While there will be others, who will frustratingly remain sober without the gentle persuasion of a drinking game.

So on top of the obligatory stag party rules such as not drinking with your right hand and not referring to someone by name, what other stag do drinking games can you do?

We think the ‘I Never’ game is a great addition, especially if you are all seated in a pub and lacking in topics of conversation. The rules go like this:

Everyone sits around a table, with a plentiful supply of drink to hand. To start someone makes a statement beginning with “I never...”, which must be true. Everyone else must drink (more than a mere mouthful) if they have done what he hasn’t.

Before long the revelations will become increasingly shocking, especially as more booze is consumed and people forget that they’ve kept their dark secrets to themselves for good reason. Although, chances are nobody will remember a thing in the morning.

If nothing else, you will have a laugh and get well on your way to being merry.

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