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Stag party horror films? Yes please!

Stag party horror films? Yes please!

I should probably start by telling you that I love a good horror movie. I also love a bad horror movie, you know, the kind that are so bad they’re almost good? A bit like Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead, not a straight up horror film but it is good in a bad way to me! Before I started at the Stag Company I remembered a film I own called Stag Night, and decided to watch it again. I felt like I should watch it, seeing as I was starting work with a company than offers stag weekends! Just like I felt I should make my friends watch Frozen before they went skiing last year. Stag Night is a film about, you guessed it, some guys on a stag do. Set in New York (which makes it a bachelor party I suppose), the lads are ejected from a night club for being a bit rowdy, effectively putting a premature end to their wild night. At least this is what you’re lead to believe, however as you’re watching a horror film you know this is so far from the truth. The lads board a subway train, with one of them managing to upset a couple of women on the train. This leads to the group of six leaving the train at an abandoned subway station, only for the train to then continue onward with its journey and leave the six individuals stranded. As if things couldn't get any worse for the group, they then see a transit policeman (similar to British Transport Police I guess) get eaten by three strange looking individuals, who as it turns out have quite a taste for human flesh. Of course! The film is then a fairly standard yet enjoyable run for your lives kind of film, which means plenty of drama and excitement (for those watching it anyway!). I can't help but think this wouldn't have happened if they had their stag do in Brighton! I’d say Stag Night isn't a bad way to spend a couple of hours in front of the TV with a big bag of Kettle Chips. It also got me thinking about other stag / bachelor party films, not counting the obvious (The Hangover), and there are a couple of that I love and think that anyone who is heading off on a stag do should watch for a laugh before their trip. There’s Bachelor Party, which was released in 1984, this makes it as old as I am! It stars Tom Hanks, and everyone knows that most of Tom Hanks early films are great fun (Big, Turner and Hooch, The Money Pit and my personal favourite, The ‘Burbs) so this is definitely worth a watch. The familiar scenario of the partner’s family not liking Tom Hanks (the bachelor) is probably familiar to many of us. It’s a great laugh though. I’d also recommend Very Bad Things, which stars Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz. The film sees a group on a bachelor party accidentally kill a stripper. Considering the content what ensues is a very funny ride through the aftermath of said accidental killing. I've always been a big lover of black comedy so love this film; it may not be for everyone but if you’re not easily offended by all means watch it!

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