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Flexible payments!

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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

Stag Night Games, Stunts and Forfeits

26 Oct 2008

Stag Night Games, Stunts and Forfeits

Categories: Things To Try

The stag do is a multi-headed beast, while some may focus on the excessive drinking and the apparent negative affects it can have on a town's economy, let's focus on the main reason for a stag do, to celebrate the life of a good friend and to wish them good luck as they embark on the next stage of their life.

Fittingly, this celebration of man things usually involves games and men acting like boys, so without further ado take a look at these popular stag night games, stunts and forfits. We might not tie our friends naked to lamp posts any more but that doesn't mean we can't have fun!

Monopoly Bar Crawl

Get yourself some transport and head off around London as you embark on a real life game of everyone's favourite Christmas board game.

Go to a bar, pub or watering hole on each street or station on the board, having a cheeky pint and maybe a shot if your feeling adventurous. If there isn't a bar on the street, bring a bottle of something special to have a shot of when you get to each location... Remember to take a camera so you can show evidence of each monopoly location.

Unlike real Monopoly, you won't get bored and want to torch the board and all its pieces after three hours.

Note: The Monopoly Bar Crawl can also be done in all of the following cities as well.
Brighton, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cornwall, Coventry, Devon, Edinburgh, Essex, Glasgow, Gloucestershire, Hull, Liverpool, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea and Wigan.

Fancy a Stag Challenge?

Get yourself a camera with a flash and self timer. Essentially this is pass the parcel but with a camera. Therefore there is no prize at the end, but feel free to choose a winning photo!

Take the camera, make sure the flash is on and set the timer, passing it to each individual in your group.
Keep it going until the camera flashes in their face, this person must down the rest of their drink and reset the timer.
The pictures you get back will be entertaining and probably tell the story of your downfall. It goes without saying that the best (or worst, depending on how you see it) ones should be immediately uploaded to some of the more well known social media platforms available. You can also send any insane stag do related images to us and we'll happily post them up on our Facebook page.

Pub Golf

Choose from 9 or 18 course and look up the pubs in the area prior to your Stag weekend.
Give each pub a handicap, 2,3 or 4 Drinks.
On arrival at each pub line up the handicap for that pub and let the games commence. Suitable golfing attire is optional, but if you want to look a ridiculous as possible far be it from me to stop you. In fact I encourage it.
Remember: Drink responsibly, then move on. Setting each pub as a 'par 4' when there are 18 or even 9 to visit is just plain wrong. Be sensible.

Fuzzy Duck

Begin the game by saying "fuzzy duck" to one of the guys to your left.  That person has to say "fuzzy duck" to the person to there left. Continue around the group until someone decides to change the direction of play by saying "does he?". Does he changes the direction of play to the person to the right of that player and they must respond "Ducky fuzz" to the person to their right and keep going until "Does he" is said again...

Continue until someone cocks up, they must down a shot and the game starts again from the start. Simple yet effective.

Drink or Dare

You are all familiar with the game "Truth or Dare" just change the truth to a shot of sambuca and the dares will soon become very interesting...

I Have Never

Another classic here, and one that never gets old. The more interesting and outrageous your friends are, the more interesting and outrageous the game gets. Hell, why not rope in some other revellers to make it even more interesting!

Player 1: "I have never... (Insert a statement, it could be something true or false)
All the players that have must drink.
All players that haven't don't drink.

Move onto next player.

The Beer Sprint

The all time classic drinking game, you can do this with any drink you want. Popular with, well, just about anyone!

All the players start drinking your pints simultaneously. The person who finishes 1st puts the empty pint glass on their head up-side-down to signify the glass is empty.

The last person must then buy the drinks and start again!

So now that you've got a few ideas it is just a matter of waiting for your stag weekend!

Not booked yours yet? what are you waiting for? Submit a quote today and start planning your last night of freedom!


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