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Stag Party Playlists #10: Matt

Stag Party Playlists #10: Matt

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It’s the first weekend after payday for us here at Stag Towers, so you can expect some of the team to be partying this weekend, and with that in mind I couldn’t think of a better person from The Stag Company to provide a playlist for such an occasion. Step forward Matt Marsland! Matt is one of our amazing party planners, and as his playlist would suggest he is more than capable of putting together one hell of a tune selection, as well as a stag do. Let’s see where Matt's musical journey is going to be taking us this weekend: 1. Soul For Real - Every Little Thing I Do: Kicking things off with a bit of R&B, Matt goes for a solid jam to get you in the mood. Imagine you're just having your first beer and thinking about what lays in store for the night when you're listening to this. 2. Dead Prez - Hip Hop: A stone cold classic coming though here, one of the best basslines ever maybe? This is enough to start getting you pumped up for the night. 3. Carlos Santana - Oye Como Va: You can't help but move and feel happy whenever you hear Santana, or at least I can't. Just go with the flow  and lose yourself for five minutes here. 4. feat. Miley Cyrus - Feeling Myself: Currently taking up permanent residency on every radio station in the UK, that guy from the Black Eyed Peas and Hanna Montana collaborate to bring one of 2014's standout tracks to date. Definitely one that'll have you getting down in the club. 5. Duke Dumont - I Got U: Duke Dumont does it again with another catchy House number, this time sampling Whitney Houston's 'My Love is Your Love'. Guaranteed to get everyone shaking, especially once that rolling bassline comes in. 6. Peven Everett / Roy Davis Jr - Gabriel: You can imagine listening to this one towards the end of the night, definitely one you could stick on when you got home after a crazy night and need to calm yourself down a bit! 7. Faul + Wad Ad + Pnau - Changes: You could pick things up again with this tune though, another rolling bassline and 4x4 kick drum that'll have you nodding your head thoughout, without even realising your're doing it. 8. Azelia Banks Ft. Lazy Jay - 212: I'm not 100% on this, but this track is possibly one of, if not the only song to almost break the UK top 10 and feature the c-word pretty liberally. Wicked drum beat, catchy as hell, fairly simple lyrics (about rude things), it's got all the hallmarks of a popular song. 9. London Elektricity - Just One Second: Now we're talking, London Elek has never disappointed me since I discovered him, and Just One Second is on one of my all time favourite D&B albums, Syncopated City. Now this is definitely one for the late night / early morning crew once they finally get back from the club, I know I've ended many a night by putting this record on when I get home. 10. Maverick Sabre - I Need: This guy has an incredible voice, which allows him to lend the melancholy feel of this song, something which makes it feel like a 'last song'. Whether it be on a playlist, in a club, or the end of the night, it's not a bad way to round off proceedings! Time to relax.

A fine selection there from Matt, not that I was expecting anything less. Now you’ve got your weekend soundtrack sorted all that’s left is to have a wicked night, and feel free to tell us about it by tweeting us, we’d love to have some amusing drinking stories to read and retweet on Monday morning! You can view our previous Stag Party Playlists here, and remember to let us know what you’ll be listening to whilst you’re getting ready for a night out on the town this weekend by posting your favourite tunes of the week in the comments.