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Stag Party Props

Stag Party Props

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Lets face it, as well as getting obliterated and having as much fun as humanly possible on a stag weekend, it's also about making the stag feel like an absolute arse, the more humiliation the better. After all, he is deserting bachelor life and signing away the rest of his years (or on average 11.5 years according to divorce statistics…what?) to a girl!

The best way to do this, is to force him to wear and carry embarrassing novelty items, although if you're feeling kind and up for a laugh then joining in with the novelty is one of the best ways to have a memorable night, and it gets you plenty attention from the ladies. Not sure whether it's good attention or bad attention but any attention from a drunken female is good right?

So what can you wear, take and carry to make sure the groom has everything he needs to say goodbye to freedom?

Pair of tits

Cheap, crass and vulgar, these fake rubber pair of boobs hang round the stag's neck making sure that he embarrasses not only himself but makes the pretty barmaids blush (if we were in a romantic novel – on a stag do though they'll probably just laugh and hopefully offer free shots to the groom to be).


Blow up doll

Not just something to fall in love with and treat with respect (for anyone who saw that documentary on channel five you know what I'm talking about) these are meant to be inflated, taken with you and abused as necessary. If you think carrying round a six foot latex lover with you is a bit of a ball ache, then shop around and you can find mini dolls on the market which should be easier to smuggle into the nightclub...


Stag antlers

These will most likely be lost in the first pub or nicked in any pub after that, but it might make it a good first picture at least and they're usually quite cheap.


Ball and chain

Simple, cheap and spells out the road of suffering he's chosen for himself.


Printed t-shirts

There's no wonder why these are so popular with stag weekends, you can personalise them so that all of your mate's nicknames (funny and embarrassing) are emblazoned on their back so everyone you meet knows instantly who's "chopper", who's " arse lover" and of course, whose stag tour it is.