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A Stag Party with a Bang!

A Stag Party with a Bang!

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Women always get nervous before their men's stag party and some even try to put a stop to it. Fortunately, the nature of the stag party is that it's not organised by the pussy whipped groom, but the fierce friend the Best Man. Sometimes however, those pesky broads get in the way of all the fun and will stop at nothing to make their point.

Digging in the Stag archives we came across this story from Pittsburg,  June 17th 1906, yes people actually existed and tried to have fun even back then. A woman was so pissed off that her husband wanted to have a Stag Party (technically it was his birthday but they called it a Stag Party back then), that she warned him repeatedly that should he go ahead with the party she would "put a stop to it". Thinking it was no more than foolish female rot and probably her time of the month, the staunch reveller went ahead in getting 100 of his best friends round for fun. He had no doubt forgotten all about his wife's threats and indeed all were "making merry" at about 8 o'clock when the wife walked into the middle of the room and with the steely determination of a mentalist pulled a pistol from the "folds of her skirt, and fired twice."

Desperate to be the centre of attention the crazy dame shot herself twice in the breast and as she was falling, fired again and the bullet hit her husband. For some reason the New York Times seems to think this shot was accidental…we're a little more sceptical.

Apparently the "attempt at suicide broke up the stag party at once". I guess stag parties back then just didn't have the staying power that we possess today. So when your yapping fiancée is warning you not to do this that and the other on your Stag do, you might be as well to keep her sweet, disguise the fact you're ignoring her, and keep the destination of the stag party top secret…and don't marry a nutcase.