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Stag – the next for reality TV

Stag – the next for reality TV

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“What happens on a stag do stays on a stag do” right? It’s an age old mantra for stag weekends all over the world. Except that one TV station in the USA has decided to blow the lid on these holiest of holy nights. “Stag: A Test of Love” is a new show hosted by that famous TV presenter Tommy Habeeb, and after it’s first successful season in January of this year aired its second season in October of this year. The premise? A camera crew follow a groom on his stag night, recording all of the antics. Just a great piece of memorabilia to fill in the memory blanks stolen by the shots of Aftershock right? This does even more then that as the next part of the show has the presenter take the bride to be through the highlights of the night’s events...

How would your other half react? Would she laugh it off with a “boys will be boys” attitude? Or would she, as one bride-to-be did after watching a tape, lunge for her man, chase him out of the house, wrestle him to the ground with cries of “you said you loved me”, then head straight to the garage for a baseball bat as her aunties turn up with wooden spoons to help?

Camera crew at a stag do? Baaaad idea. Though surfing You Tube for some of the show’s clips would be recommended.