Stag Weekend Dedication

03 Nov 2008

Stag Weekend Dedication

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A Portsmouth taxi driver recently picked up the biggest fare of his life when he was asked to drive his passenger to Munich for a friend’s stag weekend.

The guy, who we will call ‘Paul’ because we don’t know his name and it could have been Paul, was so desperate to get to his mate’s stag weekend that without a moments hesitation he jumped into the cab and shouted ‘follow that plane!’.

Okay, so he might not have shouted ‘follow that plane’, but he did fork out a massive £2000 for the taxi ride there and back and the hotel from the cabbie.

Paul’s sheer dedication to get to his friend’s stag weekend in Munich surely deserves a medal of some sort and shows up those who fail to really make the effort for a mate’s stag weekend.

Paul and his co-pilot drove the 1,500 mile round trip to Munich and even after very little sleep on the 17 hour trip Paul phoned his mates, found out which bar they were in and headed straight to meet them.

The trip took them through France, then through Belgium, Luxembourg and finally onto Munich. The taxi driver remarked that the experience was rather odd, but that it was definitely better than sitting in the rank all day waiting for a fare to the town centre.

If Paul’s mate was in any doubt about his commitment to the stag weekend and making sure that this was a weekend that he would never forget, then surely this act truly proves him to be the best mate a man can have. In fact, Paul, should probably have some sort of an MBE or badge for his endeavours and services as a friend.

Paul is the best friend ever, or he is a bit of a flash so and so and the groom and stag party purposely told him the wrong times so that he would miss the flight and then he pulled this classic ‘Paul’ poser stunt and ruined the whole stag weekend by turning up.

If you and your pals are planning a stag weekend with people who you want to turn up no matter what, then you are probably having a stag weekend organised by The Stag Company.


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