Dressing like nuns won't stop you getting arrested

12 Jun 2009

You might have better legs than Mother Theresa, but dressing up like a nun on a stag weekend doesn't automatically give you saint status, which is a real shame because on more than one occasion we've come back from some stag weekends feeling like we could do with a good few days in the confession booth... If only to brag about what we've done. Imagine the surprise of 17 guys from Bristol, who donned dapper outfits of nuns on their stag weekend in Crete... only to get arrested and spend 2 nights in the cells.

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete is very popular for tourists who go to visit and soak up the sun, sea and... scenery.  It's no surprise that it's a popular destination for stag parties with a party atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. Last year alone saw two million tourists arrive on the island for a bit of rest, relaxation and no doubt some rock and roll. That's probably what this stag group were looking for. With guys ranging in age from 17 to 65 they'd planned the trip well enough to get everyone out there together and sorted out nun costumes for everyone. What they didn't plan on however was getting banged up.

A group of men dressed as nuns might not seem too unruly, however throw in some allegations of indecent exposure and you've got the makings of a court case right there, which is exactly what happened. The men were arrested in the early hours of the morning and thrown into the cells for two nights after complaints that the stag party were flashing their behinds, and more.  This was too much for the Cretes and the men were charges with "scandal and misrepresentation of a costume or uniform". The unfortunate men even had to attend court in their nun outfits as they had not had chance to change into anything else.

Funnily and fortunately enough, the charges were dropped when no witnesses could be found to testify against the behaviour being "offensive". We're pretty sure that those guys are going to be known for a legendary stag weekend and that the stag's missus will be ever so proud of her groom to be. We know we are.

These guys were lucky to escape unscathed and whilst we commend them on their notoriety, it is worth taking a bit of care if you're having a stag weekend abroad and thinking of dressing up.  It's always a laugh getting dressed up and looking like idiots, but in some cultures what we find amusing they find deeply offensive. Now we don't really care what other people think, but when those people could get you banged up and seeing most of your stag weekend from a cell it can put a dampener on things. All we're saying is to be careful out there... because some people get weirdly spooked by the sight of seventeen men flashing their wares dressed as wayward nuns.


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