Stags are still welcome in Blackpool

15 Feb 2011

We keep reading that Blackpool is trying to shed its stag and hen image, so The Stag Company decided to investigate just what is going on in the town that rocks.

Blackpool is clearly a lot of fun for stags and hens. It is not a random coincidence that thousands of guys and girls party here every weekend through the summer months and who can blame them. Loads of bars and clubs, a city that barely sleeps and lots of cheesy fun to be had during the hungover daytime hours.

So what's wrong? Well, Blackpool also want to appeal to the family holiday market, so while we are sleeping in our hotel rooms the beaches are full of children riding donkeys and, erm, what ever else youngsters get up these days.

However, we've been told on the quiet that, shhhhh keep this to yourself, Blackpool is still very much open to business to stag and hens, they are just not telling the parents that.

All the glossy new pictures that have been released (see BBC article) are for our benefit too, so check out our Blackpool stag weekends.


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