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Scorching summer stag weekend activities!

Guys, there's the smell of cut grass in the air and girls' skirts are getting shorter. It can only mean that summer is just round the corner, and with summer comes many a great things. Longer nights for drinking, women wearing very little, and stag summer weekend activities. We know we keep you stags entertained all year round with our fantastic packages and jam packed full of fun weekends, but a bit of sunshine always seems to make things even better. Wherever you head to on your summer stag weekend location remember to take your sunnies and have a think about doing some of these amazing activities.


Getting out and about in the sunshine is what this is all about, though we're not going to lie to you, if it's too hot you're going to be sweating to buggery but what the hell, you're a soldier in this stag weekend war field no? With our indoor venues as well, paintballing is a favourite of our stags all year round but we know you guys prefer to be out in the British countryside when there's less risk of freezing your arse off covered top to toe in mud.

Quad biking

You can take your long drives in the country and save it for when you're romancing your girlfriend. As far as we're concerned, there's only one way to see the countryside, and it doesn't involve stopping to look at anything pretty. It's rough, ready and it's off road. Quad biking on a stag weekend in the sunshine is all about tearing up the dirt, feeling the grunt and power of these super machines and letting rip.


Canoeing is an experience for real men... you've all seen Deliverance right? This is a perfect summer activity and when that sun is up you can be refreshed as you paddle downstream on the river on a stunning stag weekend. This is a fantastic experience for all levels so whether your mates are like bricks in the water or like ducks, they're bound to have a good laugh on this experience.


Don't fancy running round and tiring yourself out before a long night ahead? We don't blame you, stag weekends are all about pace, you guys are in it for the long haul, so why not enjoy the warmer weather by taking a stroll on a magnificent green with your mates. Nothing but the fresh air, some banter and the faint whiff of bullsh*t from one another. We've handpicked our golfing venues up and down the country so you can have the perfect golfing experience on your stag weekend.


Nothing says summer than running into the sea with your board under your arm like the cool kids used to do on Home and Away. Don't pretend you never watched it and wanted to be just like a Brad, or a Rad, or a Chad... well maybe you didn't but don't let those numptys put you off checking out this brilliant activity perfect for the summer. It's an intense work out that will leave you hyped and it's a great way to spot sexy surfer chicks...