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Surfing USA (Well, Newquay)

Surfing USA (Well, Newquay)

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I know, it’s cold enough to put frost on your ghoulies (I don’t think that terms been used since circa 97) and the last thing you’re thinking about is surfing in the sea. However, this post is for that rare breed of stag who is thinking about a stag weekend next summer. You know the kind, never lose anything, alphabetise their CD collection, and have you grateful that it’s them organising 20 beer lusting men and not you! Planning surfing as one of your day time activities is a perfect way to get the adrenaline and the blood pumping before a night out on the tiles.

Though the British summer might be hard to imagine now, this elusive season does occur, and if you travel to the right place, you might even forget you’re in the UK. Newquay is one of these places. One of the great coastal hot spots renowned for its beaches and great night life, Newquay is a winning choice for your friends last few nights of freedom.

A group lesson is a great way to get people involved and makes sure that any absolute beginners don’t feel like this activity is just for the pros – it isn’t. We use a popular centre in Newquay that will ensure you are looked after, safe and enjoy your time in the water. Once you’ve had the safety briefing and are kitted up you’ll probably have gone through all the surfing songs you know and you’ll be ready to try it for yourself.

You don’t need to wear beads, have long hair or at any time describe something as “gnarly” to enjoy surfing and for all that laid back surfer attitude, surfing is bloody physical. Just a short time out on the waves will test your man strength as you try to stay standing. Expect plenty of tumbles and splashing about but I guarantee that when you do make it to riding your own wave, no matter how small, you’re going to feel like Keanu Reeves in Point Break. Oh yes you are.