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The Calorific Content of a Stag Do

The Calorific Content of a Stag Do

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While a stag do is usually considered a brief period in time during which it is acceptable to eat fast food for every meal, that is sure to have an effect on anyone who crams a whole ton of junk into their body for anything up to three days straight. We thought it would interesting to see just how many calories the average stag party attendee may consume over the course of a weekend. After some intricate calulations (and a quick show of hands around the office), we put our findings together in this handy inforgraphic. Now the numbers look scary, so we also decided to show just how you could offset some of those calories throughout the weekend, because we're nice like that:  

The Solution

As well as writing about the calorific damage, we have written out some top tips in order to prevent that gut from resembling Jabba the Hutt.
    1. Pick An Active Stag Do - Whether it is paintballing or quad biking, trying something that gets your heart beat up will help diminish some of the damage caused by the drink that night. You could even try something more bizarre such as a group game of bubble football.
    2. Get Laid Sure, we know you're going to try anyway, but try not to get absolutely paralytic so you can still have some fun with someone.
    3. Quick Hotel Workout It might be a group of lads, but you know there is always one diva in the group, which will leave you sitting around waiting forever for him to get every hair in place. Use this spare time by having a mini workout in the hotel room. You can use the suitcase as a weight, or a rucksack to increase the weight when performing squats.
    4. Drunken Snacks Make sure you have eaten a filling meal before the night out, as this will lower the chance of you getting a kebab and cheesy chips after a bender. If you do decide to go for chips...leave the cheese, curry sauce or ketchup. We know you aren't going to grab a salad, but leaving out the condiments on top of your burger and chips can heavily cut the calorie level.
    5. Sing In The Shower You heard us right, blast those tunes to full blast and go into a rendition of Oasis to shred some extra calories off the list.
Have you got any top tips on how to stay in shape while on a stag do? Let us know in the comments below!

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