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The Hangover – Debauchery in Las Vegas

Released on June 12th 2009 in the UK, The Hangover looks set to be a popular movie for our guys. A stag party set in Vegas that leaves three friends waking up in an expensive hotel suite without any memory of the night before and with a missing groom to be sounds like the ultimate stag night was had.

Throw in a tiger that belongs to Mike Tyson, a missing tooth and a baby and you have the making for an unreal stag weekend and a great film. The film is already picking up great reviews as movie goers revel in the comedy direction of Todd Phillips who directed Old School.  With drink, drugs, nudity and kidnapping all set against the base charms of Las Vegas it will certainly be a colourful portrayal of a Las Vegas stag weekend.

Las Vegas, or Sin city has always been popular for the manic indulgence that accompanies stag weekends and we've no doubt that with the release of this film, there will be an influx of guys wanting to go to Vegas in a "you think that was crazy??" attempt at having the most memorable (or memory blanked) stag weekend ever.

Just released in the UK this weekend, the film pulled in a massive $33.4mn at the box office in the states and Canada with many movie goers unsure if the film would live up to the hype, only to breathe a sigh of relief when it undoubtedly did.

So what is it about Vegas that makes it the perfect place for a stag weekend? Set in the middle of the Nevada Desert, Vegas is like an adult version of Disney World. The Las Vegas Strip of casinos, bars, strip clubs, night clubs and restaurants seem to have been built only to satisfy our hedonistic desires and as a truly 24 hour city you will be spoilt for choice as to which itch to scratch at any time of the day. Get your fill at the casino, then grab a steak and some beers, take in a show or go to a cracking gentleman's club.

Even though its quite  away to travel, don't be fooled into thinking 3-4 days won't be enough on your stag weekend. After 24 hours in the city chances are you'll feel like you've been there a lifetime. Being in a casino at 6am and then going for steak and chips and hitting the bars can make you feel like you are in the Alice in Wonderland of stag weekends, and that is what Vegas is all about.

Go and see The Hangover and see if it doesn't tempt you to go crazy in Sin City.