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The Hangover - Tamworth style

Hit comedy The Hangover, which was set in Las Vegas and included a cameo by Mike Tyson, was a stunning success last year and now there is a new stag do related comedy in the pipeline.

However, in contrast to The Hangover's big budget, Three Stags is being filmed in Tamworth with a budget of just £5,000/

Local filmmaker Mark Locke will be featuring several Tamworth locations, as well as local people in his film, which will tell the story of three friends who are preparing for summer weddings – and three stag weekends.

"We are doing it on a very low budget and it will have an indie feel to it. It is a reality-based comedy and a community film," Locke told the Tamworth Herald.

If anyone lives nearby there may yet be a chance to appear in the film, so if you are interested email: