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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

The Stag Company Meets Brighton’s Singing Barber

15 Sep 2016

The Stag Company Meets Brighton’s Singing Barber

We were lucky enough to meet and interview, the Singing Barber of Brighton, Peter Joannou! He puts on a performance not only in the male grooming department but also sings wonderful songs from the window of his barber shop as well as directly to his customers. His salon provides a wonderful blend of both the classic and contemporary, it’s stylish and innovative and blends traditional shaves and haircuts with modern concepts.

We asked him everything that you guys want to know. He’s particularly popular with Groom’s seeking an ultimate pamper before the big day and clients have been known to travel miles for his special service!

Interview as Follows:

How did you become known as the Brighton Singing Barber?

“I sang all my life, and I was always interested in a hairdressing but I never put the two together until I came to Brighton”. The Fringe festival inspired him to “open the window of doing both” and so he did and now there is no looking back as the novel idea has taken clients and onlookers by storm.

How long prior to the day should the groom think about getting his haircut?

“Usually 1-2 weeks before the special day as that gives a chance for the hair to settle down and it’ll be laying down nicely. However, if they do have the opportunity to come in on the day then I can style around the ears and the back of the neck and also give the hair a style to make sure it is looking perfect”.

Do grooms often just get their hair styled, or do you work on their facial hair as well?

“Yes, we offer lots of different services, hot towels with steam, energising face masks, and scrubs… we offer shaves, manicures and even head and shoulder massages! Often if a guy comes in and he is getting married then he will get everything done to make sure he is looking his absolute best on the big day.”

Do you find more men are visiting salons now, or asking for something special for their wedding day in particular?

“They are yeah! Previously men have just been running into the barber shop and not been spending very much time in there. Now, a lot of guys know they can be and want to be pampered… They want to come in and have a hair wash and a facial, a hot towel and a steam shave and even manicures are becoming popular now. Grooms in particular if they are anxious about their big day, are also having a head and shoulder massage! I want them to relax for their big day. We offer an ultimate package, which is everything, this is becoming increasingly popular too”.

If you’re interested in a visit to Brighton’s Singing Barber, check out his website for more information or go to http://www.vipgroom.co.uk.

What are the current most popular hairstyle trends?

“I think a lot of guys are having classic styles at the moment, the parting on the side is very popular, fade-ins and the quiff! These are all quite traditional haircuts, I think guys are really being dapper again, I like to see guys looking really really smart”.

Do you get any guys wanting an experimental haircut before their wedding day?

"No! It’s too risky, they may try something a couple of months before if they are regular clients".

Do you recommend having a shave before the big day?

“Yeah, I do, as long as you understand your skin. If you know that you’re going to come up with a rash, have it done early. The skin needs to prepare carefully and very sharp blades need to be used. Make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing”.

Which brands in particular do you use?

“We like to use Jack Black, it’s from America, nothing to do with the actor, but they are a premium brand and make very good products. You don’t see their products a lot over here, but they are very popular products in America. I like this brand because it does what it says on the packaging. It holds your hair all day and skin products don’t make your skin greasy either”.

Do you offer group packages?

“We offer a number of packages, the complete package is everything we offer, without a manicure and the ultimate is everything including a manicure. You can come to the VIP room where you have a private room for two hours, champagne the whole works and you can bring along your best man too! Oh, and you’ll listen to singing from me of course”.

For more information about what Brighton’s Singing Barber offers, look at his other packages here.

What is your favourite song to sing?

“I think That’s Amore by Dean Martin, because it is such a lovely jolly song, perfect for an occasion such as a wedding! Lots of people know the words as well and so they can all sing along”



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