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The Stag Night Vs The Dadchelor Party

American imports are no new phenomenon. From Coca Cola to Levi Jeans to obesity to the introduction of "like" to, like, every sentence, it's fair to say that the UK has become an unofficical 51st state in recent times as we're lead down garden path after garden path to commercial overload. Guess what's next? Oh-God-help-us-all, yes it's the "dadchelor" party. Could this be the new stag do?

These parties are aimed at first time Dads who are "celebrating" another landmark in their journeys away from innocent times of y'know, having friends and stuff.

Carley Ronay, a maternity blogger of attributes the rise of these celebrations to being the true last night of freedom:

"People are like, 'You wouldn’t believe it: you're not going to get any sleep and you're never going to have sex again’…the picture of parenthood that's been painted is so dire, it seems like you do need a last night of freedom."

These blow-outs are very similar to the stag night, where the man rounds up a bunch of his most loyal, probably despicable friends in an admission that there will be a widening chasm between them from now on. It wouldn't be like this if we had state-subsidised childcare like France or Denmark... sob.

On the plus side, if you missed out on a stag weekend Riga style first time around, when you got married, this could finally be your chance. Send a link to Carley Ronay's blog to your missus and you just got yourself another hall-pass.

"In the (19)50s it all fell on the girls," Roney said. "Now, it's a shared responsibility. Guys are just as overwhelmed by the thought of how much their lives are going to change. This is the antidote to that, the hedge against it."

"The picture of parenthood that's been painted is so dire, it seems like you do need a last night of freedom."

Quite. Putting on our serious caps: perhaps a celebration of new fatherhood is much more healthy than mourning the death of your childhood. Just a thought, Ronay.

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