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The Top 7 Hottest Women of Wimbledon 2014

The Top 7 Hottest Women of Wimbledon 2014

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The World Cup is in full swing and that basically means our attention is firmly placed on that and not much else happening in the world is going to enter our brain space, but it is worth mentioning that Wimbledon is also well underway– and that goes for fans of tennis and those that couldn’t care less too! Why? Because unlike the World Cup that is competed solely by guys and the only time you get to see women is when the cameraman decides to linger that little bit too long on one in the crowd, Wimbledon is FULL of them – and what do you know… some of them are UNBELEIVEABLE. But if you’re at all like me and don’t really fancy sitting through set after set of constant yelping that’ll make your entire street think you’re surfing Red Tube on full blast, then luckily for you we’re going to cut straight to the chase instead and pick the best from every female that has been, and still is, a part of the competition… So get set to get your Instagram stalk on! (In a completely non-creepy way, of course).

Maria Sharapova

It’s time to get the most obvious female tennis player out of the way… and in some guys eyes, the best looking by far. Maria Sharapova is basically the official poster girl for Wimbledon and has been for years.

Maria Kirilenko

Seeing as I know about as much about tennis as I do how to build a fully functioning coffee maker from scratch, I’m now going to go with one I’ve actually heard of before… this Russian bombshell right here:

Ana Ivonovic

2 blondes = the need for a darker haired beauty in this line-up that is largely dominated with fairer-haired females. Number one in 2008, we’ll let the Serbian’s Instagram do the talking…

Dominika Cibulkova

Back to blondes with a bang… Dominika Cibulkova is known around the tennis world for her aggressive style of play and obviously for some – her looks!

Sabine Lisicki

Possibly my favourite of them all, or is she? Oh hell I really don’t know as there are too many to pick from, but Sabine Lisicki has to be right up there, in terms of tennis talent and looks… Unfortunately though this year – she’s knocked out, but there’s always next year!

Caroline Wozniacki

Okay, actually, Caroline is my favourite… I think. I mean what’s not to like? The pic below and the rest of her Instagram says more than enough about her looks but when it comes to the court, she was in my well-versed tennis eyes, a serious contender for this year’s women’s title… but what do you know, she bowed out on the 30th. Sad face.

Eugenie Bouchard

And finally, a woman still with the chance to go all the way in the ladies singles. Eugenie is a woman that suits her beautiful yet hard to pronounce name and if you ask us here at The Stag Company, she should go all the way… because, well: Go on Eugenie, you’ve got this! Win that big old cup of Wimbledon’s… Is it actually a cup? Does it look more like the community shield? Who knows – all I know is that putting this together has made me quite a bit more interested in tennis, maybe it’s time to pick up a racket, don a headband and get playing like Rafa… Oh wait, he went out to a nineteen year old this year that did this to him. Ouch:   Even if Wimbledon isn’t your thing, London most probably is going to be – so check out what we have on offer in the way of London stag weekends… strawberries and cream not included.  

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