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7 of the Most Awful #mothersdaygiftideas

7 of the Most Awful #mothersdaygiftideas

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Twitter is a wonderful place. It’s the place where celebrities’ feud, where Katie Hopkins manages to be just as insufferable in 140 characters as she is in real life and if you’re in dire need of an idea, can find one with the simple search of a hashtag. Which is lucky as Mother’s Day is just around the corner (next Sunday if you completely didn’t know) and being a guy, chances are you probably haven’t got anything sorted… or are thinking of the wrong idea. Don’t let that get you down though, because as we found, there’s some pretty terrible ideas out there already!

Songs to go with every Mum’s favourite pastime…

Because Mother's Day should be about hoovering and polishing.  

There’s always room for a new mug… especially one about vaginas

Every time she drinks from it, she can think about the fact that it's true.    

The Gift of Honesty

Let it all out...    

If you’re looking to say ‘you have bad taste and I know it’…

Nothing says 'you're a great Mum' like pink pleather and fake diamonds wrapped around a hipflask.    

A Picture Perfect Holiday…

Looks... beautiful (if you're a fan of rubble and traffic cones).    

The WTF Gift

There are bad gifts... and then there are gifts that are just downright confusing.    

The WTF Gift: Part Deux

The continuation of the above. I'm sure it was hard to make... but it's also hard to look at. If you haven’t got it already, here’s a little tip: avoid buying gifts like this and instead, try to get your Mum something good this year. Start with searching the #mothersdaygiftideas hashtag because because the steaming pile of turd that is the above, there are some fresh diamonds in there to set the lightbulb off above your head and place you on the path towards Mother’s Day success!  

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