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Things To Do In Hamburg On a Stag Do

08 Dec 2017

Things To Do In Hamburg On a Stag Do

Hamburg is the northern powerhouse of Germany. Home to the rich and famous, it’s the hub for German entertainment packed to the rafters with music venues and theatres. Originally it was an important port city but has now changed all its warehouses and waterways into trendy places to live and play.

Stag weekends in Hamburg experience all the best of this and the city has been attracting packs of men ever since the Reeperbahn became a thing. One of the earliest Brits to embrace Hamburg was The Beatles who made a name for themselves here before even Liverpool.

So, if you are planning of going to Hamburg with the boys on a stag do then here are the key things to do in the German metropolis...

  1. Nightclub
  2. Beer Hall
  3. Escape Room
  4. Bavarian Feast
  5. 5-a-side Football
  6. Private River Cruise & Stripper
  7. Bubble Football
  8. Football Match
  9. Casino
  10. Limo Hummer Ride



Hamburg is one of the biggest party cities in Europe let alone Germany. It’s nightclubs attract the German high society and it is all centred around the Reeperbahn. This street in the city is world famous and was where The Beatles were discovered. In the past it had a seedy reputation as a Red-Light district but has since become very chic and trendy.

Nightclubs like Moondoo and Baalsaal attract all the cool kids and stag do’s can party the night away until the early hours. Germany has some awesome dance music scenes and you can get a taste of all sorts of genres in the clubs of Hamburg.

Beer Hall

While Russia has Vodka and the French have wine, Germany are the kings of beer and take it incredibly serious. While many people who go on their stag do will be used to the beer brands they are served, in Hamburg you can try incredible tasting beers from the city and further afield.

To add even more to the experience, the beer halls of Hamburg are like the temples to the amber nectar. Long tables and beautiful barmaids is a pretty sweet deal when you a big group of guys but that is every day in Germany!


Escape Room

We think escape rooms on stag weekends are the perfect way to break the ice and help bring strangers in the group together. You and the boys will put your brainpowers to the test in a room where there are clues, tasks, puzzles and red herrings all lead you to a way out. You are often timed during the events so there is a competitive element when your broken up into teams

Teamwork is vital in these games and communicating is vital to try to explain clues and solve puzzles with your joined brains. Escape rooms are always themed to create a really cool storyline and in Hamburg it is no different. Plus they are often highly placed in lists of things to do before you die.


Bavarian Feast

While Hamburg is not in Bavaria, this region of Germany dominates the culture of the country with its famous lederhosen Oompah bands serenading moustachioed beer swilling Germans. In Hamburg you can enjoy these simple pleasures and tuck into the famous schnitzel or bratwurst that sums up this meat loving nation. Swig it all down with some of the worlds best brews. It sounds like man heaven and it kind of is.

5-a-side Football

It takes a lot for us to admit but I think the football rivalry between Germany and England has clearly show ‘ze Germans’ are clear winners. Their World Cup win in 2014 cemented their place as the world’s best and England are far away from matching them. That does not mean we can’t try however!

In Hamburg your stag group can showcase your skills with a bit of five-a-side. Take on each other in a match and see if you can recreate the 1966 final, one of he rare times we actually beat them. Or even the 5-1 where Heskey scored (a minor miracle). Make sure you keep an eye on the other pitches. You just might spot the next Mesut Ozil.


Private River Cruise & Stripper

Hamburg was historically a great port city and the river Elbe winds all the way out to the Baltic Sea. The city grew around the port and the river fantastically breaks up the centre with waterways and warehouses.

Your stag do can see it all from the river on a boat cruise. Ride down the Elbe and admire the Speicherstadt, the city’s UNESCO World Heritage site. Alternatively, you can turn your eyes inwards and enjoy an onboard strip show and tick off that stag bucket list item in style.


Bubble Football

Settle scores and face off with your mates in the safety of your very own inflatable bubble. Bubble football is a hilarious mix of football and rugby. The bubbles of course provides protection from being hit but also gives you the confidence to take someone out. The match is a classic five a side affair but with the bubble it creates a carnage that is both hilarious and tiring. So, if you have some energy to burn off in Hamburg then doing bubble football will help.


Football Match

Germany is one of Europe’s football powerhouses. The Bundesliga is the top league here and has been compared with the Premier League for its depth of competition. Hamburg SV is the biggest club in the city and is one of the country’s most successful. There is an English connection at is one of the clubs in Kevin Keegan’s illustrious career. The other club in the city St. Pauli is famous for its unique culture unlike any other club in the world.

On your stag weekend you can experience German football the way it should be, in Germany! This is perfect for the football mad among you and those who like to collect European stadiums.


There is a reason the Hangover films were set in a casino. It is a classic stag do activity. A place where you can be a bit naughty and indulge a vice while still maintaining a bit of special glamour to the evening. It is also your opportunity to come back with more than you left home with! The stag might be able to improve his honeymoon destination!

While some stags in Hamburg love to hit the town at night and experience the buzzing nightlife the city has to offer some others might not like the deafening music or dancing. If you prefer to be doing something while you enjoy the German beer then a casino is perfect for this.


Limo Hummer Ride

Hamburg is where German celebrities typically live and if it is your last night of freedom you might want to splash out and join them in the VIP circle. One of the best ways to do this in Hamburg is to get around the city in style. A limo hummer is not only a ridiculous idea for a vehicle but also a hell of a fun way to get around. Treat your stag group in Hamburg and make an entrance anywhere you go with a limo.




Joshua writes with the scent of sea air and unwashed dreadlocks in his nostrils thanks to working from Brighton. He enjoys watching pretentious foreign films and trashy TV.

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