Tiger Woods wanted for The Hangover 2

30 Dec 2009

There is good news for fans of The Hangover as a sequal is planned to the hit comedy that saw four guys embark on an outrageously epic stag party in Las Vegas.

The director Todd Phillips said he hopes to start filming in the summer and has set his sights on recruiting shamed golfer Tiger Woods for a camero role to "rebuild his image".

Woods has been in the limelight following the emergence of multiple indiscretions, but Phillips believes starring in his next film could do him some good, in the same way that retired boxer Mike Tyson delighted audiences in The Hangover.

Phillips said: "We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one...Yeah help him regain his image."

“Mike (Tyson) loved doing the Hangover because he loved f***ing with the image people had of him. He knew we were not making fun of him but of the image people projected on him.”

Woods or no Woods it remains to be seen how it can be possible to follow up a stag do as crazy as the one from the first film.


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