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Top Etsy gifts for your grooms men

Top Etsy gifts for your grooms men

Categories: Wedding Advice For Men

Personalized Corkscrew and Multi-Tool

If you're on a budget but you still wanna thank the lads for being by your side on the big day then nothing says “thanks mate” like a customised bottle opener. Because every time he needs to open a bottle and pour himself a class of “fuck this shit” you’ll have given him a tool to do so.

Beer Bottle Opener Cap Catcher

Kind of a long the same lines as the bottle opener idea, except this one isn’t mean for your kitchen drawer and more for your garden. Meant to be nailed onto a wall/tree this outdoor device allows you to open your beer without having to keep throwing away the caps: you simply let the cap fall into the jar for you to dispose of later. This gift will be greatly loved by any BBQ king.

Personalized 1 or 2 or 3 Litre Mini-Oak Whiskey Barrel

Yes you could always get them a bottle but if they’ve been stellar throughout the whole wedding thing then maybe you should consider upgrading the bottle to a barrel (even if it’s just for the best man.) Oh and the best part if (other than receiving a giant barrel of alcohol) the barrels are monogrammed with that mates name on it. Classy.

Folding Personalized Cigar Case

Something for all the groomsmen to enjoy after the mania and excitement of the ceremony! Just make sure you stock the cases with actual cigars before giving them to your groomsmen.  Otherwise it’s kind of like giving your mate half an eaten Kit Kat. Not necessarily a bad thing but a bit weird…

Groomsmen Custom Bobbleheads

A bit on the pricey side yes, but these custom bobble heads are gonna be a gift you’re gonna wanna keep (and show off) for years afterwards! The vendor even do custom bobblehead cake toppers for the bride and groom too. So even the future Mrs can have one!

Personalized Soft-Sided Cooler

Getting your mate beer is pretty much a given but when summer hits the UK (and it does…eventually.) every man worth his weight in lager is drinking in the sunshine. So be a good groom and give your groomsmen the gift of COLD portable beer.

Printed Groomsmen Boxer Briefs

Last but not least, an option that won't break the bank and actually makes for funny wedding photos. These labelled boxers are a great way to tell your mates you appreciate their support without being too soppy and without breaking the bank.