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The Ultimate Stag Weekend Film is Back

The original "Hangover" film was a huge smash hit and undoubtedly, the ultimate stag weekend film - the sequel drops on 26th May and we're pretty excited about it here at Stag Co towers.

The film is set to stick the same formula that made the original such a great success, with the boys waking up to discover the fall-out from the night that came before - this time in Bangkok.

Stewart, played by Ed Helms is getting married this time and is reunited with Alan (Zach Galifianakis), Doug (Justin Bartha) and Phil (Bradley Cooper), who believes that sticking to the formula was essential in the sequel sharing the same success of the original.

"The sequel can't be, 'Let's make a movie that has a completely different story but it won't matter because people love seeing those guys together.'

"I don't believe that - when you look at sequels that don't work in comedy, it's when they abandon the formula. I was very happy that there was a structure - a ticking clock, a missing night,"

Mel Gibson was originally cast in the film as a tattoo artist working in Thailand, but after cast and crew protested on the controversial actor's inclusion he was replaced by Liam Neeson in a scene that was eventually cut from the film. Mike Tyson reprises his role as... Mike Tyson, after an inspired cameo in the original. The film's production has been beset by controversy, including a false rumour started by director, Todd Phillips, that a monkey became addicted to cigarettes during filming.

'Obviously, the monkey in the film never smoked a single cigarette. Even if I wanted her to smoke, it wouldn't be allowed.'

He said: 'By the way, she also appears to do cocaine in the movie, but I guarantee you that she didn't do that either.'

Apparently, the headline that the American RSPCA-equivalent were furious with him was "one for the office wall".

We can't wait for this film. The trailer is below.

We're also interested in your wildest stag do stories - if you can outdo the Hangover boys, we want to hear about it in the comments section.