We take an average of 120 holidays in a lifetime

22 Feb 2011

It has been calculated that the average Briton takes 120 holidays in a lifetime and spends more than £168,000 in doing so.

The poll by Teletext Holidays took our holiday lives as starting at the age of 18 and lasting for around 60 years, meaning we spend a staggering £2,750 a year on getting away from it all.

We would estimate a good number of these holidays would be stag weekends, although going by The Stag Company prices the cost of these party holidays will be a drop in the ocean in relation to the overall costs.

The study also found that the most popular destinations for young people on their first holiday without their parents is Newquay, London, Blackpool and Brighton, which sounds like a list of our favourite stag do destinations.

However, the favourite stag and hen party destination was identified as being Amsterdam.

Teletext Holidays managing director Victoria Sanders said: "Holidays are increasingly being used to mark important milestones in people's life. There are more people travelling for stag and hen weekends, to get married overseas or celebrate 'big zero' birthdays than ever before.

"An ageing population means that we are travelling for longer and we can fit much more of the world into a lifetime than ever before."


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