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Get wet on your stag weekend

Get wet on your stag weekend

If you thought the only way you’d be getting wet on your stag holiday would be if you were covered in beer, well you would be very mistaken.
There are many water-based activities which we think are perfect for stag weekends – whether it is for helping a stag party to bond or just to guarantee plenty of laughs are had on your trip away.

Below are a few suggestions for activities where there is a fair chance of you getting more than just your feet wet.


I can you’re scratching your head at this one from the start, but canoeing is only boring because your only experience of it is on a school activity holiday. Have a go at this through the rugged landscape in your stag do in Swansea or the beautiful terrain of Tallinn in Estonia and you’ll have a different opinion. No trip out in a canoe will be complete without the famous Eskimo Roll, so yeah you will get wet!

Whitewater rafting

There is no better way of building a team spirit than trying whitewater rafting on a stag weekend. You’ll need to work as a group to steer yourself to safety as your hurtle down the rapids, avoiding rocks as you go. Then, when you inevitable fall out you’ll want someone to desperately pull you back onboard. This is available at many of our Eastern European destinations and elsewhere.


This may not be a familiar term with many of you, so to start at the beginning - Coasteering is the process of navigating around a coastline by any means possible, so climb, swim or cliff jump, whatever is necessary to keep moving. Again, this is a great stag do bonding exercise and will feel like a real manly adventure that you’ll forget how close you actually are to the rest of the civilisation.