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What’s hot in Nott…ingham.

What’s hot in Nott…ingham.

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Set in the heart of the Midlands (yes there is such a thing), Nottingham stag parties are a steadfast favourite of stag party people. It hosts a range of top notch bars and clubs and fantastic activity centres. It’s not only famous for Robin Hood, but our researcher also thought you would like to know it is home to England’s largest square (22,000 sq/m to be exact). If that even helps one person win a crate of beer in a pub quiz then our work here is done.

But let’s not forget the real reason you’re here. You don’t really want to know the tosh about a city’s history and its structural layout, you want to know where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do and how you’re going to have one of the best stag weekends ever.

So you arrive, you’ve dumped your stuff, and you’re ready to hit the town. What’s on offer? There are four main drinking hotspots to venture to in the evening for some good grub, drinks and clubs. They are:

Castle Wharf

This is a pretty cool area of redevelopment by the city’s canal. Think large glass buildings and modern bars and restaurants where the canal warehouses used to be.
Places to find in this area are:
Jongleurs Comedy Club
Via Fosse
The Waterfront
The Canalhouse
Morton and Clayton


All night time favourites for eating and drinking.

Hockley and the Lace Market
A cobbled street area set amidst high Victorian buildings that used to be lace shops (yawn, yes I’m getting to the bars bit). This area is quite independent but it seems to be where most people go to have a good time. There are some great modern bars that have emerged here to entertain late night crowds, and it’s not too far from Castle Wharf which makes it a great place to hit for the second round of the evening.
Places to find here are:
Bluu Bar
Bar None
Living Room
Pitcher and Piano
Sugar Bar


Forman Street and The CornerHouse

This is probably somewhere you go earlier on in the evening as it’s mainly pavement cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s near the CornerHouse shopping centre so expect your main high street pubs like Slug and Lettuce, and your snack stops like Subway.


Old Market Square

This is the famous big square! Set in the heart of the city, it is a bit more lively than The CornerHouse and will keep you entertained for your night if you’re looking for big chain pubs and bars that will be open late.

For clubbing, Nottingham has some monster clubs ready to provide the scenery to your best moves. Like Brighton, they have a huge Oceanas super club with superb themed rooms. Expect a good crowd, popular music and plenty to drink. For something a bit bigger and louder, like top anthem tunes, then look no further than Gatecrasher. For some more club ideas, there are also the following:

Bomb and Stealth – Electronica music
The Rig – Indie
Media – Clubbing in style
Market Bar – funky grooves

So you’ve had your first night out, got a cracking hangover and you’re ready for the next day of activities and drinking. Well for drinking you can hit all the spots you missed the night before and as for activities in the area, take a look at some of these to get you started:

Assault Course
Horse racing
Clay pigeon shooting
Five a side football
High ropes course
It’s a knockout
Outdoor go-karting
Quad trekking
Rally Driving
Sumo Wrestling
Comedy Clubs
Lap Dancing
Dog racing

So if Nottingham stag weekends have whetted your appetite and you want more info on the home of Robin Hood, give one of our guys a call today.