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When Stags Collide...

When Stags Collide...

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The worst things you want to happen on your stag weekend is are sore heads, cringe worthy memories, some curable STDs and perhaps a tattoo. What you don’t want is what the following revellers experienced in New Zealand when driving to Dunedin their party was crashed by some unwelcome guests.

A few drinks had been had, the spirits were high and two vans were carrying the party to their destination after an evening of fun. It was just after midnight when their celebrations where rudely interrupted by a herd of cows…

IT seems the cows were making their own way back that evening when the collision occurred. Two men were sent through the windscreen but fortunately no one was seriously injured. It was no doubt a shock to the guys at the scene who recalled a lot of blood. One bull was killed instantly with another 3 having to be put down at the scene. It wasn’t thought that any charges would be brought against the owner, perhaps in exchange for free sausages for the wedding fry up.

The wedding was still scheduled to go ahead even though the well being of the best man couldn’t be confirmed “Ah it’s still all go…we should be fine…he might be on crutches” said the groom to be.

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