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Whizzing Round in Birmingham

Listen up stags, I want to tell you a story about Birmingham in case you're thinking of choosing it for a stag weekend... Set in the heart of the Midlands lies the once industrial giant of a city Birmingham. Its days of industry are not as they used to be, however we couldn't really give much of a monkeys as rather than being a town known for its factories and industrial output, it's now ship shaped up into a city of considerable party atmosphere, and anyone who's anyone knows that is far more important than anything else. Stag weekends in Birmingham are more popular than ever and for some reason, when you guys go there what you really want to do is go-karting. Well, who are we to stop you doing what you want. As so many of you are asking about this particular package we thought we'd give you the lowdown.

Getting to Birmingham

Birmingham is slap bang in the middle of the Midlands making it a major transport hub. Whether you're coming by car, train or even flying, you'll find plenty of services and roads that eventually get you into the city. Birmingham is also near the infamous Spaghetti junction. If they've done anything, they've made sure that you have plenty of choice in how to get your stag group into the city.

What's the Go-Karting like?

Go-Karting in Birmingham will make a fantastic stag weekend because of the venue we've handpicked for our lads. It's not far from the city so you don't have to worry about heading to some industrial outback before you get to do your activity. You'll be greeted by a team who know how to lick some rowdy stags into shape on the track. Once you're fully briefed and kitted out, there's nothing else to do except hit the track and put pedal to metal. Of course it's not as simple as that because you'll be fighting desperately for first place as you whizz round using muscles you didn't know you had to try and make it past your mates.

And on the night?

Birmingham bursts open in an evening and at the weekend it brings residents and students out to drink away the hours from Friday to Sunday.  That sounds like our kind of crowd and when you see what kind of choice Birmingham offers for getting pissed, you'll know why it's so popular (apart from being a national past time). Broad Street is the main stretch for shopping and pubs and clubs and you'll find some very trendy places here like the Revolution Bar and Oh Velvet. If you can get into the Living Room, it's also worth a look in for some swanky action.  Birmingham New Street Train Station also has a healthy gathering of pubs nearby like the Bennetts, The Old Joint Stock and The Wellington which are all good sized pubs which get filled up easily at the weekend. For clubs you have a mixture which will appeal to most tastes from cheesy Flares, to the stylish Superclub Oceanas. Believe us; you won't have difficulty finding somewhere to whet your whistle!