William's Quiet Stag Do In London

28 Mar 2011

William's Quiet Stag Do In London

The stag weekend event of the year has finally taken place as Prince William enjoyed a, on the surface of it, quiet stag do in London. Over 20 of William's closest friends attended the party which is thought to have taken place at a friend's country estate just outside of London. Goodness knows what happened behind closed doors, mind, no doubt a good few cars with tinted windows drove in and out.

Many of the attendees were close school friends of Will's from Eton, including James Meade and Thomas van Straubenzee. Whilst we can only speculate on ongoings, legendary party organised Guy Pelly was the man charged with organising the stag do, and owing to his love of partying, we're sure it was wild. All the guests have been sworn to secrecy and so it seems unlikely that any details will ever emerge on what took place.

Mr Straubenzee was asked what had happened yesterday. He said: "I'm very sorry but I have got to keep it a secret. I hope you understand."

Prince William will marry his long-term partner Kate Middleton in April next year - meaning a cheeky couple of long weekends and 3 day working weeks for most of us.

The original plan was for Prince William to have a watersports stag weekend (oi, not that kind, filthy). Once the plans were leaked to the press, however, William had to reassess and this rather dull option prevailed.

The stag do was due to take place closer to the wedding date, but due to extremely and pressumably important royal duties, the date was pushed back to accommodate it. So, I guess we should congratulate William on keeping it low key and staving off a red face (figuratively).

Soon they will be married and we can all move on with our lives - that'll be nice, won't it? Still, cheers for the time off, yeah?


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