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Beer Tasting stag weekends: What to expect

Sample a taste of the finer life with this beer tasting stag do. It’s the perfect blend of refinement and well… drinking lots of beer. So it’s ideal for the kind of stag who sees himself as a sophisticated gent about town, but still loves sinking a pint or two.

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Craft Beer has exploded in recent years, and increasing amounts of real estate on the bar are being taken over by taps dedicated to IPAs, Stouts and a whole world of beer-y goodness. Whereas once upon a time it was only the beardy-weirdy who’d get on board with a real ale, now we all are. And they’re delicious!

Your beer tasting stag do will see you and the lads head to one of your location’s finer drinking establishments where you’ll be introduced to your expert host who’ll lead you into the wonderful world of hops, yeasts and malts. You’ll get to sample a wide range of pints, so you’ll get the chance to find the right beer for your tastebuds. This is a fantastic activity before a night out, because whether you want to talk about how delicious your beer’s floral bouquet is, or just tuck into a some top notch booze this is the one for getting the lads into the party mood.

Is this the same as a brewery tour?

Brewery tours are obviously massively popular stag do activities, and they will usually include a short tasting session at the end. But a Beer Tasting activity is less about walking around the facilities and production process, and more about trying different types of beer and learning about them, as how to properly appreciate them (for example, not down in one, Terry).


Where can we go Beer Tasting?

Brilliantly, our Beer Tasting sessions are available on stag weekends across the UK and in Europe too. Recent years have seen the craft brewing scene explode (not literally, Terry) and many cities will now have at least one if not several microbreweries. Plus, there are lots of pubs and bars specialising in craft beers too, many of them locally brewed. So you have stacks of choice.


Some cities of course do lend themselves extremely well to Beer Tasting. Prague for instance, Munich and York, all have long and proud brewing heritages and offer you plenty of options to choose from. But wherever you’re headed for the stag do, let our dedicated party planners know and they’ll tell you what’s available.


What kind of thing will we be learning about?

As a general rule, a Beer Tasting session will involve tasting between four and 10 different beers such as IPAs and stouts. You’ll be taken through them by a beer expert - did you know that’s an actual job? Yes we’ll hold your drink while you Google the entry requirements - who will explain a little bit about how each beer has been made, how to differentiate between them, how to identify what they taste of. It’s much the same as wine tasting, but foamier.


Is food included?

Some Beer Tasting sessions may include a few tasty snacks to soak up the booze, and they’re usually a cut above the usual bowl of nuts. Tapas, or a selection of finger foods, are quite common. If you’re in Europe then the venue might provide some traditional foods to go with their beers which is an extra cultural treat.


Does everyone need to like beer?

Absolutely not. Obviously these sessions are designed with the beer drinker in mind, someone wanting to learn more about craft beer. But if anyone in the group prefers to stick with a different drink, they’re more than welcome to do that. However in most cases they will still need to pay full price.


What’s the best time of day for Beer Tasting?

We’d advise that you book your Beer Tasting activity for mid to late afternoon. It means that it can serve as a warm-up for the evening ahead. Most places will not offer Beer Tasting in the mornings.


Are we going to get hammered?

That’s not what this kind of activity is about. It’s a refined experience where you’ll be sipping, swilling, and spitting or swallowing, but almost certainly swallowing (yes Terry we all get it, very funny) and really learning how to taste and appreciate beer. Certainly after you’ve sampled quite a few different beers of varying strengths, you might be feeling a bit lightheaded. But you won’t be getting smashed.


Can we buy some beer to take home?

Depending on the venue where you’re doing the tasting, you may be able to purchase a few drinks to take back with you.


How do we get there and back?

Most of our Beer Tasting activities for stag do’s are located in city centre venues such as pubs, bars, occasionally in craft breweries. In which case, you should be able to easily get to the venue either on foot or by public transport. We wouldn’t advise driving unless you plan to stay totally sober, as you’ll be sampling beers of different strengths so it will be difficult to know when you’ve crossed the limit.


Instead, why not take advantage of our convenient, door-to-door transfer service. We’ll see to it that you and the lads are picked up from your hotel (or another pre-agreed spot) and delivered on-time for your Beer Tasting session. Afterwards, we’ll pick you up again and drop you off wherever you need to be next. It means everyone can relax, have a few drinks, and not need to worry about alcohol limits or dealing with traffic in a city they’re not used to.


Are there any other alcohol tasting stag activities you can organise?

Yes, depending on where your stag do will be taking place, we offer a superb range of alcohol tasting activities, from gin to vodka, wine to whisky. You can learn everything from the fascinating histories behind different spirits to how to mix them successfully, and what kinds of food to pair them with to impress your dinner guests.

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