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April Fools Motivation - The Ultimate Pranks

April Fools Motivation - The Ultimate Pranks

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Have you pranked your work colleagues or your family yet? If not, then you can take some motivation from the incredibly cruel pranks performed by stag do groups. Just make sure you have humiliated your loved ones by 12 midday, when the tradition ends.

Bungee Jump

The idea of jumping off a giant bridge completely blindfolded is already petrifying, so to hit the water almost instantly after jumping will send their heart into overdrive. But if you think they’ve got the ticker to handle it, not to mention the gullibility to believe their 500 feet high, then this has to be one of the best pranks ever!

Fake Arrest

You’ve landed in a foreign country, everyone is excited, then all of a sudden you see flashing blue lights in the rear view mirror. Fortunately, it’s all planned beforehand, but the groom doesn’t have a clue! Very realistic looking policemen will grab hold of the groom and throw him in the back of the policecar. Once he arrives at an abandoned looking building, his heart will be in his mouth, until he suddenly realises all the police staff inside are women in stripper clothing!

The Stranger

Soon to be married, the groom will probably have no memory of the night before. So imagine his absolute fear waking up next to a random person. This girlfriend made it even more cruel by organising a transsexual friend to wake up next to him in bed.

Fake Tan

OK, how far are you willing to take a prank? Better question, how do you think your friend would react? If you don’t think this will put a permanent fork in your friendship, then this is a devilishly cruel one to get a reaction from. Whether switching over a shampoo bottle for fake tan or applying some while they sleep, this trick has been done by stag groups all over the country.

Chilli Coated

One of the oldest tricks in the book, sneaking some chilli into their food can leave them running for the sink. If you don’t feel like being too cruel, maybe have a drink of milk close by to help them recover. Some prefer to sneak it onto unaware victim’s bodies while they sleep, not that we are recommending this!

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