When you need the Missus to Bail you out

08 Dec 2008

When you need the Missus to Bail you out

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If the image of your wife or other half as a pinny wearing, rolling pin wielding no nonsense ruler of the household has come to you more than once as you stagger back from a hazy stag do, head sore and tail possibly between your legs, don't be too quick to wish you had someone less "feisty". The powers of the fairer sex can stretch further than we sometimes think. 4 Welshmen recently discovered this, as they were released from jail upon the judge hearing that their women demanded them back.

The gentlemen had been part of a 30 strong celebratory team waving goodbye to a friend's bachelor days by taking a day trip to Worcester on last year's Cup Final day. The judge made the astute observation that "alcohol was not in short supply"

Trouble began when 3 of the 4 lads experienced some unexpected obstacles at the Lloyds Bar in Worcester. A group of doormen had for some reason taken the executive decision to stop them from entering the pub.

Undeterred, the ambitious trio over ruled the decision, and made entry with a firm display of determination. For one reason or another, the door men didn't like this and a fracas ensued. The 3 involved were joined by the 4th Welshman when he saw his dad on the floor "surrounded by doormen" he responded with a blow to a bouncer on the head with a bottle, punch for another and then went upstairs to "rearrange chairs"

The evening's violence lasted 30 minutes and certainly managed to seal an 18 month jail term for each of the 4 men back in September: "Gratuitous thuggery by men old enough to know better – and certainly old enough to control their own sons – certainly troubled the sentencing judge," said Mrs Justice Rafferty who reviewed the case recently in light of messages being sent from the men's wives.

Having had some time to think, it seems their women flexed their own feminine "muscles" and wanted them back.

Mrs Justice Rafferty heard how the men's women expressed a keen interest to have them returned. The judge listened as a solicitor told her how one of the men had recently fathered a child and the baby's "mother wants him home" one of the other wives would "welcome" her husbands return and another simply "wants him back".

It might seem that the men got off lightly, except bear in mind that the judge was a woman and probably knows that an 18 month jail term is nothing compared to the absolute hell the wives and girlfriends will no doubt sentence their better halves to for the rest of their long lives.

It has yet to be seen if any of the men actually want to return...


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