Boho Brighton Breakfasts

13 Dec 2008

Boho Brighton Breakfasts

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There is one thing that boffins in various laboratories across the United Kingdom agree on and its the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a really energetic night sleeping, your body need nutrients and energy in order for you to perform like a 'real man'.

Being a man you don't need to worry about your bikini body so you can pretty much eat whatever breakfast you want after a fruitful stag night on the tiles. Picking a city at random I have decided to focus my wonderful attention on Brighton. Dubbed London by the sea; the home of the rainbow warriors; the bohemian capital of the UK; whatever you want to call it there are some amazing places to enjoy a well deserved stag weekend breakfast. If you've been doing what every naughty boy is doing then breakfast could be a much needed lifeline.

Here are ten little breakfast houses for you to consider:
* Brighton Bystander
* New Market Diner
* Buddies in Brighton
* Browns
* Curve
* Hudsons Café
* Naff Café
* Billies
* Puccinos
* Food For Friends

You may ask why would I want to go to any of those breakie venues when I have no idea where they're located, what food is on the menu or how much breakfast costs. Well, it is at these times that the internet is really useful and all you need to know is that every one of these ten restaurants does a mean 'greasy' fry up; guaranteed to keep that stag do hangover at bay.


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