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Deep Sea Fishing in Newquay

We already know that Newquay is a great spot for beach activity of all kinds such as surfing, and of course it also lends itself to being one of our top locations for deep sea fishing. If you've never been to Newquay before then you're definitely missing out. It's on the North coast of Cornwall, and as it juts out into the sea, it is surrounded by 10 beautiful beaches to cater to all interests. If you're looking for a stag weekend with some adrenalin sports then Newquay can definitely look after you, it's a holy ground for those seeking sun and surf. In between all the excitement and thrills, sea fishing is a great way to relax and chill out before your evening hitting the town.

Offshore fishing is best done with an experienced guide as you need to know plenty about weather conditions to select the perfect spot to throw in your line. We've got excellent guides lined up to take you out in their vessels, provide you with all your bait and tackle so you just need to think about where your next beer is coming from. Because our guides are experts in safety precautions and navigation, this is a perfect activity for first time fishers who can relax knowing they will be well looked after.

So what can you expect? As you leave the shores of Newquay behind you, you'll head to a recommended fishing spot. Serious open sea fishers use bait like squid and mackerel, but chances are you'll be throwing out an artificial lure or a "perk" on your line. So you cast off into the sea, sit back, open a beer and relax. It's great fun if there's a large group of you on the stag weekend as it gives people chance to cement the boozing buddy bond that you will need when you hit the night life of Newquay. Chances are you will catch something, and common fish found in these Cornish waters are Pollack, Ling, Conger Eel, Squid, Mackerel, Gurnard, Wrasse and even Dogfish! You'll have some amazing views of the Newquay coastline as you float on the open waters and you could be in for a treat of a sight with some stag groups reporting views of dolphins, seals and even basking sharks.

Load up your harpoon and go and get your Moby Dick! (Figuratively speaking – harpoons are not allowed.)