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Go go go Karting in Brighton

Go go go Karting in Brighton

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I hadn’t been go-karting since I was a kid and I don’t know whether it was the over sized helmet, or my dad screaming at the older kids to let me pass because “he’s only little” but I  haven’t had the fondest memories of those indoor tracks. To be honest when I realised we were all going I thought it was a bit childish. Quads I can understand, those machines growl, paintballing gets you wounded or blinded if you’re from Byker Grove, those are men’s activities but go-karting? I felt a bit short changed and hoped my head had finally grown into the helmet.

We went as part of our Brighton package and I have to say it was a good break up for the day – I hotly recommend that if you’re going for the long haul of a weekend, 1 or 2 nights, then you do something other than drinking in the day time. Many a time I’ve seen a virginal stag member unable to set his own pace and look a little washed out before the second shift. We headed to an indoor track a short drive away from Brighton. I was surprised with the size and layout, I think I was expecting something like a village hall with a couple of tyres strewn down. It was an impressive track with a large screen showing the lap times of the drivers which was pretty cool. The staff was helpful and didn’t mess about, they knew their stuff and you could tell this track wasn’t just a place for Stags to arse about on (though it’s perfect for this).

After the briefing we were given overalls, gloves and helmet and led out onto the track. It’s a mad track with some tight 180 degree bends which made for many a crowded encounter with everyone. Once you’re strapped in and ready to go, I defy anyone who doesn’t feel a bit of excitement because after all, it doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s about smashing your mates into second place and showing them who’s boss right?

You’re in position, the countdown starts and then you’re off! These carts were nippy, I’ll say that and you can get some surprising speeds out of them. What was a bonus about this track was that as well as the bends there were some good straits where you could really throttle the nuts off these beauties. I don’t think there was one guy on the track who wasn’t going through some kind of formula one fantasy as we whizzed round the track, weaving and dodging our way round one another. It takes some cunning manoeuvres to be the champ in this sport.

The track don’t scrimp on time and it’s quite hard work tensing for the length of the races, and because of the speed it makes each minute seem like an age. I didn’t come first (you have to let the groom win right?) but still enjoyed the champagne they had afterwards to celebrate. Go karting this time round had gone some way to erase those embarrassing memories and after such a physical work out we were ready to get stuck into the beers when we got back to Brighton. A two thumbs up event!