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You'd Be Surprised By The Top Selling Activities In Nottingham

You'd Be Surprised By The Top Selling Activities In Nottingham

Gone are the days when Nottingham was mostly known for its tunic-wearing, tights-donning medieval archer Robin Hood, now it's known for its night life and as one of the great locations if you're a looking for a stag weekend. Nottingham is brilliant for stags as it's easy to get to from the M1 and based in the East Midlands it means if you have people travelling from all over, no one has too far to go. Nottingham stag nights has some great clubs for all tastes, and is known as a hot spot for footballers to go out in – which in turn means loads of Nottingham lasses going out to try and catch glimpses of said footballers.

You've got 6 main areas to drink and have fun on your night out in Nottingham, there's the Castle area, a little out the way from the hustle and bustle of the town centre but with some nice little spots nonetheless. Then there is the Old Market Square which is bang in the middle of Nottingham, so you can start here for food and drinks before heading out into some of the other party spots like Chapel Quarter, The Lace Market, Hockley village or Theatre Square. Can you hear that? It's the sound of Nottingham waiting for you to go there on your stag weekend.

With plenty of ground to cover in the evening from bar to bar, you might need a little practice with your walking, and what better way than to spend the day walking casually from hole to hole on the fairway? We've got a lovely course in Nottingham suitable for stag weekends for the guys who want to set a steady pace before the carnage of the evening begins.

Golf has been played for years ever since the game's conception in Scotland. The name doesn't actually mean the acronym "Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden", but feel free to tick off your missus by telling her this and watch her become enraged about the sexism...yadda yadda... Don't be fooled though into thinking that because it's a gentleman's sport that it is any less competitive than anything else. We've seen grown men cry on course for being way below par, and if you're lucky that can happen to your friends too. Whether you have enthusiasts in your stag group or absolute beginners, it's really just about having a wander, whacking a couple of balls and above all else taking the piss out of each other. So we'd 100% recommend checking out golf in Nottingham for your stag weekend.