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Advice from the other gender... How to flirt at a wedding

Advice from the other gender... How to flirt at a wedding

Now, I realise that writing this article technically betrays “the sisterhood” but to be quite frank with you I think guys get quite a hard time when it comes to hitting on girls. What with many women still believing guys should always make the first move. So, to help you all out a bit I’m going to impart some valuable insider knowledge to you surrounding the topic of “How to… score at a wedding” or as I like to call it (mainly because a woman is a person not a goal) “How to… get lucky at a wedding.” So without further ado let’s get to making you a well-equipped wedding puller!

Be selective (and be careful!)

This is common sense but it is important to still mention. Because there’s a horrible misconception that all bridesmaids are sad, drunk and they are willing to sleep with almost anyone at the wedding. Not all of them are and not all of them will. This is a lie that Hollywood movies seem determined to maintain but it’s not true - sorry to shatter the illusion.

So assess the situation carefully when it comes to bridesmaids as they are a minefield. My advice is to go for a wedding guest. See who is sitting alone, with a bunch of girls or old people and make a note of which “side” they are on. After all, there’s a conversation starter for later right there (“So how do you know the groom/bride?”)

Be sober (ish)

You're going to have to try and be sober for as long as possible here. It's not a Krakow stag do. I know, I know this can be hard but the most successful pulls are done by the bucks that have their wits about them. There’s nothing quite as off-putting as being hit on by a drunken wedding guest. It’s embarrassing so don’t be “that guy”. Tipsy is fine in fact probably encouraged as (chances are) she’ll be too and a drink tends to take away that awkward tension.

Oh and don’t even think about trying to get a woman hideously drunk just so you can have your wicked way with her. It’s lame and if she/anyone notices, they will just think you’re an a**hole. Nobody likes an a**hole – least of all at a wedding. So don’t do it.

Be subtle

It’s a wedding, a celebration of two people declaring their undying love by signing a bit of paper, spending a lot of money and throwing a party to try and forget about how much money they spent. It’s not a nightclub/bar which is recognised “hunting” ground, so don’t be obscene: people aren’t here for you.

Luckily for you though, weddings are the perfect scenario for approaching women. Everyone is feeling social and merry and it’s commonplace to mingle at weddings. So you’re off to a good start and she should expect to be approached. I suggest my earlier conversation starter of, “So how do you know the groom/bride?” keep in mind that some ladies can be wary though as weddings are the preferred hunting ground for certain men.

So don’t be too dejected if she seems a bit cold at first, hopefully she’ll warm up and if she doesn’t – move on. It’s a wedding people flutter about from group to group, so it’s not even embarrassing.

Be helpful

If you are already an usher or the best man then ignore this bit. If you are just a wedding guest though then use this move if you’re been struggling. Offer to help out with something, whether that’s helping an old lady to the buffet table, helping out with moving stuff, driving to get something…

It doesn’t have to be anything major but the point is you do this (or offer at the very least) to help in front of female guests. Doing this makes you look proactive and kind which are major attention signals for women, leaving you with a higher probability of “successful pulling”.


Miriam is the Senior PR & Campaigns Executive for The Stag Company. Originally from New Zealand, she loves fashion, animals, and travelling.

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