Inside The Mind Of A Bestman

26 Dec 2008

Inside The Mind Of A Bestman

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If you hadn’t guessed it by now, I’m a god among men when it comes to stag weekends. I’m not a wedding crasher or a wedding planner but it is from years of experience that I have become who I am today and it is my pleasure to pass on the knowledge.

Let me take you inside the workings of a bestman’s mind, from the moment his best mate asks that fateful question to the stunned silence as you unwittingly say a little too much during the speech.

From this point on lets refer to the bestman as a creature…it just makes things much simpler.

No matter what type of person you are or however strong your character is, once you’ve been branded ‘the bestman’ you might as well order up a cocktail of emotions and sit yourself down to drink the lot – no matter how long it takes.

The first emotion the bestman experiences is a sense of pride, honour and happiness at being chosen, which is followed by many celebratory pints. However, in the cold light of day it dawns on the bestman that there is a job to be done and there is a to-do list longer than an orangutan’s arm.

What follows is the hilarity of planning the stag weekend and the best ways to stitch up the stag. This is quickly followed by frustration and annoyance at all those slack mates who won’t commit to digging in their wallet and paying for the stag do. Then there’s the bonding with the stag whilst enjoying all those naughty pleasures of stag night.

From there the rollercoaster moves onto panic at the prospect of standing in front of hundreds mumbling some very unfunny ‘personal’ jokes and generally making a tit out of oneself.

After panic there is relief. Then excitement as the bestman gets ruined whilst sleazing over the groom’s saucy sister. And that ends this stag do journey into the crazy mind the bestman. I hope it has been educational.


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